Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

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Club Legend
Jul 3, 2009
AFL Club
Pretty much all boring.

I saw Danny Frawley one time in a car park. He walked past and looked at me strangely, I was in the process of tying up a makeshift belt of hay band... I had forgotten a belt.

Continuing the car theme, Luke ball drove past me in a car once.. that was intense.

Also saw James Hird once in the main street of my hometown. I wasn't even sure it was him. Seemed to short. But it was him.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Renault F1
Thought I'd put a different spin on these sort of things.

2011 or 2012, saw former Demons player Jordan Gysberts and his GF at Eastland.

Saw Paul Puopolo at Stud Park Shopping Centre last year.

Your turn now guys.
Shaking hands with Ted Whitten, unlikely to be ever forgotten !!


May 13, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Once saw Leuenberger, Ash Mcgrath and a few other who I can't remember at the Normanby Hotel. They had lost that day but I said something like "Good game today boys" anyway. Leuey said thanks.

Saw Daniel Merrett sitting on the ground by himself at Bulimba eating a pizza many years ago.

Saw Harris Andrews walking along the footpath at Bulimba last year. Pointed him out to the chick I was with who didn't seem at all interested.

Thought I saw Mitch Johnson on the beach up the coast yesterday. When I got closer I realised it wasn't him.

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Both sides of the river, there is bacteria
Feb 25, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I saw Joel Selwood and one of his brothers (I think Scott, or maybe the older one) at the Mcdonalds on Ryrie St. in Geelong, it was during the off-season. I wanted to say hi but I was too shy so just acted like I didn't recognise him. Pretty exciting times. I think it was 2013.
What a time to be alive

Royal Flash

Oct 28, 2014
AFL Club
I stood next to Alwyn Davey at the Coles in Moonee Ponds bakery section. I grabbed a rustic baguette and I think he got a sour dough vienna.

I saw Dustin Fletcher at the Coles in Moonee Ponds bakery section. I grabbed a packet of cheese and bacon rolls and I think he got a white loaf toast sliced.

I stood behind Matty Lappin at the checkout at the Safeway in Carnegie. I couldn't see what he was purchasing but he didn't say thanks to the checkout chick, or if he did he said it quietly and I didn't hear it.

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