Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

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X AE A12

All Australian
Jun 13, 2020
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I was coming home and driving the other way was one of the gold coast aflw players, don't know their names by heart, fully digging around in her nose. We made eye contact just as she was about to eat it, I could tell because she sort of half looked at it and then moved it towards her mouth but then looked right at me and paused. I passed her right at that moment so I don't know if she ate it but I'm pretty sure she did.
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Ambrose Burnside

Premiership Player
Dec 8, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Can't remember if I posted this yet, but a few years back Carlton were in Perth to play the Eagles. I was walking to work from the train station, and stopped at the lights. Glanced to my right and Mick Malthouse was standing there.

"Good luck tonight Mick"
Mick looks me over (I'm wearing an Eagles jacket over my work clothes as it was threatening to rain) so he says "You don't mean that do you?"
The light turns green and he walks off ahead of me while I'm still trying to think of a comeback.

JK kicked 10 that night and the Eagles won easily. So no Mick, I didn't mean it :)

Another moment was when Melbourne were in town for a preseason game. Again, I was walking to work with my Eagles jacket on. Stopped at a different set of lights this time though. I was in my own little world before I realised I was surrounded by a bunch of massive blokes. I looked a bit closer and realised it was the entire bloody Melbourne football club who must have been staying at the hotel there.

Gawn and Jones are scary looking. I didn't say a word this time :$

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Club Legend
May 22, 2018
AFL Club
Just got back from Woolies and saw Geelong superstar veteran Jordan Clark.

Looked like he was about to grab some granola. He was still choosing, so I didn't get to see what flavour. But if I was to speculate, I'd say he was going to get the honey oat variety.

SBD Gonzalez

Brownlow Medallist
Jul 5, 2012
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Other Teams
Kidding, right?
I was in the M4 servo a few years ago paying for my petrol and in walked Heath Shaw and another Giants player.

What’s dangerously close to interesting is that though I recognised the other player, I’ve since forgotten who he was.


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 29, 2006
AFL Club
I walked past Mason Cox and his girlfriend at Eastland today. Big unit.


Jan 9, 2016
AFL Club
A few years back maybe 2010 ? I walked into the master bedroom of a display home in Caroline Springs to find Jack Anthony and his parents . We made strong eye contact leading me admit that I recognized him . This then lead to Jack offering to have a picture with me . Was cool .

Tony Liberatore sold me stationary a while back .

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 14, 2001
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Definitely not the girlfriend. I was thinking as we walked towards each other, geez some people really go the opposite in height. Then realised who it was and how big he is. So I guess he’ll struggle to find anyone remotely near his height.
The giraffes at Melbourne Zoo are all happily partnered from what I understand.


Nov 30, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Saw Cam 'sh*t tatt's' McCarthy walking across the Causeway in East Perth. He was walking, shirtless, I was driving in the opposite direction so didn't manage to make eye contact with him. That's all

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the avoca drover

Premiership Player
Jun 16, 2007
The house of Jim Jess
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Up The Town
I was in a bakery in Ararat with my son who was quite young.
In walked Barry Round, my son says in a voice loud enough for Barry to hear,
“Dad, why has that big man got such a small head?”

He went on to order two sausage rolls and a chicken pie.
No sauce.


Club Legend
Sep 13, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I keep bumping into Shaun Higgins, 4 times now. Its odd, swear I am not stalking. Once in the street in Tassie, once in a Cafe (also in Tassie) yesterday queuing up for tickets to the AFLW. Was a bit heart broken to see who I presume was his young daughter with a Cats scarf.

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Harrys Hacks

Feb 1, 2021
AFL Club
Last pre-season I sold Eric Hipwood a pair a Batman goggles at the Aquatic Centre.


Dec 27, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I passed Scott Burns on a walking track in regional Victoria the morning before a preseason practice mach. We were both on an an early morning jog and he made eye contact and said g'day.


Jan 10, 2020
AFL Club
St Kilda
Saw Ben Brown in Ascot Vale Woolies.
Not as big as I thought he'd be.
He bought salad goods.
Sep 13, 2019
AFL Club
I must say I am really appreciative that no one is attempting to hype up their encounters by describing the person's headwear.
Just last week I saw James Frawley crossing the road, pushing a pram, whilst holding a dog. Unfortunately my story takes a turn for the interesting as he was wearing a Jarryd Roughead t-shirt with a cartoon depiction of said footballer, along with the words ROUGHY across the back. Not sure what the front said.*

* wasn't wearing a hat.


Senior List
Jan 9, 2019
AFL Club
Was at Westfield Plenty Valley K-Mart a few weeks ago and saw Matthew Kreuzer. He was in the homewares section with his wife looking at air fryers. I now want an air fryer.


All Australian
Nov 12, 2008
AFL Club
I keep bumping into Shaun Higgins, 4 times now. It's odd, swear I am not stalking. Once in the street in Tassie, once in a Cafe (also in Tassie) yesterday queuing up for tickets to the AFLW. Was a bit heartbroken to see who I presume was his young daughter with a Cats scarf.
I was behind him in the line at Bean Squeeze a week or two ago. He ordered a coffee and drove sensibly.

Jean Claude Vas Deferens

Bay13 Non-entity.
Dec 26, 2005
Park Orchards
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
ParkOrchards FC. Mitch-Scot Cycling
I saw Garrick Ibbotson and Brady Grey walk into the Subway in Myaree once. I was sitting in the car about 20m away and didn’t engage them. I got out of the car and went into Bunnings and then I saw Nat Fyfe buying some hardware. What a day. I still talk about it every Xmas.
This is an amazing coincidence and probably far too interesting for this thread but I too have had an encounter with Garrick Ibbotson as you can see below from my post in this very thread on January 9th, 2017...

"A few years ago I was searching for tiling grout at Bunnings when I noticed Garrick Ibbotson in the same aisle as me. He was holding a 5 centimetre beige tile with chocolate brown trim and he appeared to be searching for a mortar trowel. I summoned up the courage to speak to him and nervously suggested that he may need to invest in some of those little plastic crosses to place between the tiles in order to achieve an even finish. He politely thanked me for my advice and when he turned his attention back to the tiling supplies, I fist-pumped the air and silently yelled out "BOOYAH" in my mind.

That was back in 2012 and not a day goes by when I don't think about our encounter and wonder why a Fremantle player was shopping for tiles at the Chirnside Park Bunnings in Victoria anyway. So glad he was though. I wonder if he remembers it. I sure hope so!"

It would have been a better coincidence if you, like me, saw him in the Bunnings that you visited instead of going into Subway but I guess he mustn't have needed any more tiling supplies and felt like a foot-long sandwich instead. It's still pretty cool that we're both (kind of) friends with him, but I guess I'm his better friend because I gave him some advice.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 20, 2008
AFL Club
Saw Spida Everitt at the Judas Priest 2008 Nostradamus tour in Melbourne. Was there with my brother and 3 mates and we were all quite drunk. It was prior to the show in the arena and I spotted Spida. He was quite happy to take a group photo. Not sure who looked the most magotted out of all of us in the photo.


Fill the crucible
Jun 14, 2017
AFL Club
Standing next to Dustin Fletcher at the East Keilor Woolies Deli. Driving past Mick McGuane in Sterling Drive, East Keilor. Having Mick Martyn wait to turn as I passed, Old Calder Hwy, Keilor. Standing next to Tony Liberatore at his family's fruit shop, East Keilor. Parking behind Matthew Lloyd (BMW 5 Series)outside the Avondale Heights newsagent 😂😂
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Sep 21, 2005
Brunswick East 3057
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Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Wet Sham, BANGOR FC, Down
Back in the day before everyone owned really big 4 wheel drives, Andrew Demetriou parked a massive 4 wheel drive in front of an ice cream shop in St Kilda . I was already moving so I didn’t stop to see whether he went into the ice cream shop. He had two young women in the back who my intuition says were his daughters. Maybe he bought all the ice cream in the shop and paid for it in $100 bills as a laundering exercise.

I can’t be bothered going back through this thread to check if I’ve posted this but I watched Bruce McAveney dine in a Port Fairy wine bar through the window . Well I didn’t watch him like it was TV. Just snuck a few glances. He had a little smile on his face as if to say, “Do you know you know ... this is a special mushroom pappardelle we’re eating tonight isn’t it?” He’s a little bloke and looked grey and unwell, I guess they fit him out with platform shoes and layers of makeup when he’s on TV.

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