Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.


Beancoin shill
Jun 14, 2013
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In my early 20's, I had a job at Myer Chadstone working a register at the toy and childrenswear department.

Nick Holland waited patiently in a queue, walked up to the register, placed something on the counter (I can't remember what), then either...

1. gave me his credit card or
2. swiped his card by himself.

The details are a little foggy after all these years.

Anyway, moving on.

He had to sign for the purchase, and in my head I was debating whether to check his signature against the back of the card and look like a complete idiot or not check and look like even more of an idiot.

So, I checked his signature. Sure enough, it resembled something like Nick Holland and was a near perfect match for the signature on his card.

I bagged his purchase and gave him a receipt.

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Ma Xiao Long

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Sep 2, 2017
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Jason Johannisen at the McDonald’s drive thru in Footscray a couple years ago. It was only about an hour after the Doggies played North at Etihad. He has a massive truck which makes him look like a midget.


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Feb 21, 2007
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West Brom,
I saw Shaun Rehn as I left my office for my lunch break yesterday.

He was talking to an older man (quite a bit smaller) who shook his hand. They shared a laugh and then went on their separate ways.
This reminded me of the time I saw Shaun Rehn getting Chinese takeaway at some joint in Glenelg, during his Crows playing days. He looked disheveled. Paid for his meal with coins. Not gold coloured ones either.


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Sep 21, 2005
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I was in Barkley Square in Sydney Road looking for a new pair of earbuds. I saw this bloke sitting on a bench outside Coles with this really weird shirt on. It was a Bulldogs polo shirt cut in half down the middle, sewn onto a similarly sliced North Melbourne polo shirt. I sat down beside him just to take a look.

It was obviously a homemade job, well you can't just buy that shit, can you? It had been cut all shapes and sewed back together but the work was so amateurish, like a child had done it. Those big stitches! They were visible on the outside of the garment. The maker must have run out of blue thread at some point and finished the job with white yarn. It looked so shit. The collars didn't match and the Bulldog and Roo were sort of folded in on themselves so they were mere blurs. You wouldn't have known what they were if you weren't a footyhead like I am.

I said "That's an interesting shirt" and when the bloke turned round I realised it was Nathan Hrovat!

"Hi, I'm Nathan Hrovat," he said. "Would you like a chicken nugget?" He offered me one out of a paper cup.

"I'm actually a vegetarian, " I replied.

"That's OK, " said Nathan, "these are tofu actually. They are shaped to look and taste like chicken. I got them in the aisle with the falafels and that."

I bit into one. "That sure tastes a lot like chicken. Delicious."

He grinned this big maniacal grin and then stood up laughing, a great roaring belly laugh that startled an old lady walking past. He was in such paroxysms of mirth that he was shaking. When he regained his composure he said "I tricked you! I tricked you! That's KFC! KF fu**ing C mate ! I put in a neutral packaging!!!"

I spat out the half chewed nugget and he started laughing all the more, like a real roaring laugh that was too intense and too close and the security guards were eyeing him. It wasn't a forced laugh though he was enjoying himself.

He stopped laughing and another bloke turned up wearing wrap around shades and ripped designer denim. His T shirt was brand new plain white. "This is my brother," said Nathan. "He manages a bottle shop in Kyneton. Beat that!"

They both went off past the veg shop into the carpark laughing.

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