Roast Most hated team in the competition?

Who is the most hated team in AFL

  • Adelaide

  • Brisbane

  • Carlton

  • Collingwood

  • Essendon

  • Fremantle

  • Geelong

  • Gold Coast

  • Greater Western Sydney

  • Hawthorn

  • Melbourne

  • North Melbourne

  • Port Adelaide

  • Richmond

  • Saint Kilda

  • Sydney

  • West Coast

  • Western Bulldogs

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 2, 2003
Inner West
AFL Club
Isn’t there a thread around already on this topic? It might even be on the Bay? About as original as a “Richmond- 7 games at the G” thread.

consecutive games, to finish the season, with the last five consisting of 7+ day turnarounds.

You obviously don't understand the benefit this has for recovery and preparation at this time of the season.

BTW - Up the Tigers!!


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 18, 2005
AFL Club
Imagine the most obnoxious team or supporters you've had the displeasure of living through.

Maybe it was Collingwood "who needs teeth anyway" fans and their general public image.

Maybe it was Richmond "let me tell you about our lord and saviour Jack Graham" flogs getting their jollies in every single thread after 30 years of misery.

Maybe it was the Hawthorn "accident of history" bandwagoners and their three-peat.

Maybe it was Essendon "hard to deal with except when buying drugs" cultists and their saga.

Maybe it was even North Melbourne "please acknowledge us, someone, anyone" posters and their desperate need for a rivalry.

Then imagine if it was Carlton.
Unfortunately my experience with Essendon supporters was being told to fu** off by a pair of 15 year olds whilst their father giggled and laughed at them. I think he’d downed about 12 bourbons.

My comfort was sitting in the MCC whilst they screamed abuse from within the stands of the great unwashed.

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