Most spectacular players in the league

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May 17, 2017
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This is going to devolve into ongoing arguments about the definition of spectacular, nothing surer. Haven't read a few pages but I'd wager it may have already.

I'm going to chip in an odd one because I'm not a fan of the bloke, but Patrick Dangerfield.

His entire on-field career is "spectacular", especially so since being in Geelong. He's a great overhead mark, but he kinda flourishes his hands in a dramatic way when he rises for them. He has a particular shoulders back strut when the play stops. He milks his injuries and goes from limping around the park to being the fastest guy on the field in a burst when the ball is nearby. He puts on a show, generates intrigue. Everything he does is a dramatisation of the way a normal player would go about it.


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Aug 27, 2006
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Tippa's best games are pretty special like against Brisbane and North Melbourne this year.

Toby Greene at full flight can do it all.

Jeremy Howe is another that comes to mind.

Zac Williams is a very special player that has all the tricks.

Daniher in 2017 would have been a worthy nomination. The huge marks, the long range bomb goals.

Naitanui another that has been limited by injuries but when he's on can be majestic.

Leaving off the very best players in the comp.


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Sep 20, 2015
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Clearly what is or isn't spectacular is quite subjective.

When I show people overseas videos of AFL players, I find myself showing speccies, great bumps/tackles/stiff-arms, evasive moves, dribble kicks and massive goals from outside 50. Jordan De Goey is probably the best exponent at the moment of all these on a consistent basis.

This is one of the best GF highlight reels we'll ever see:

Buddy needs a mention. The only player who makes AFL look like Auskick sometimes. This goal had me out of my seat, and I hate the swans.


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Jul 19, 2019
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I reckon Tippa is exciting to watch if he is switched on. Patrick Cripps is a bull and should only get better as the team improves. Liam Ryan can be impressive. Orazio and Mckenna are both fun.

I didn't want to put any Richmond players in, but from a defensive point of view, Rance has to be up there. The way he launches at the ball, a lot of time he is going horizontally through the air due to his desperation to get to and end a contest. I know the back line isn't the most flashy group, but if we were just talking about the back line then Richmond has a particularly spectacular style of play down there.

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