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Apr 7, 2016
-23.903529, 152.398097
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Mt Buller Demons

Established: Season 01 (as Team Pump, changed name to Mount Buller Demons for Season 03)
Home ground: Snow Dome
Colours: Red and navy blue
Premierships: Two (Season 18 and 26)
Pre-season premierships: Two (Season 10, Season 11)
Captain: Yakker
Leadership Group Members:


Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners: BT (Season 03), cooney (Season 13), Eth (Season 14), lanky_wes (Season 17)
EKA Medal winners: Gus (Season 12), Yakker (Season 24)
AlfAndrews Medal winners: Juggalo Balla (Season 14)
Deestroy Medal (Grand Final best on ground) winners: footyman (Season 03), doggies ftw (Season 14) , FinBar19 (Season 26)
Frankston Rover Award winners: Logger (Season 16, Season 18)

00 Oddhawk
1 Proper Gander
2 sausageroll
3 amos
4 sante
5 _Cayz_
7 DemonJim
8 Yakker (C)
10 ABray10
12 fleabitten
13 Tarkyn_24
15 Thetrader15
18 manangatang
19 FinBar19
21 cooney
22 cats2rise
24 fancyscum
25 deaneus
28 Van_Dyke
29 lanky_wes
32 Footypie32
41 Headless
66 Logger
69 lion around
333 brucetiki
668 TheDarkDwarf

OUT: tigland (Retired) Sir Hugh Percy (Delisted)
IN: Footypie32 (Royals) _Cayz_ (Bombers)







Hall of Fame

Legend Inductees
S26 Eth
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Apr 7, 2016
-23.903529, 152.398097
AFL Club
Other Teams
Mt Buller Demons


Mount Buller Demons S18
Grand Finalists

B: tasmanlvr, Logger, Modbury_ Hawk_12

HB: Headless, Smartys Power, LP04

C: raven echo, Gentlemen, Footypie32

HF: Rhodesy_Blues, Danger in Texas, Mateyman

F: stewie griffen, cooney, Big Stiff

Foll: HawkPatrol, lanky_wes, Eth

Int: Hank93, DEMON PRIDE

Mount Buller Demons S26 Grand Finalists
B: Headless - deaneus - sante

HB: lanky_wes - Van_Dyke - brucetiki

C: Proper Gander - Yakker - Oddhawk

HF: sausageroll - cooney - cats2rise

F: Freo Hammer 21 - FinBar19 - lion around

R: manangatang - DemonJim - Tarkyn_24

INT: tiglandTheDarkDwarf

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Apr 10, 2005
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In fact here we go:

Fast Facts

  • Mount Buller Demons' score of 28.19 (187) is the highest score in a Grand Final, surpassing the previous one by 37 points (Season 23 - Baghdad Bombers 23.12 (150)).
  • The Demons' scores of 15.5 (95), 20.11 (131) and 28.19 (187) were the highest scores by a club at half time, three quarter time and full time of a Grand Final.
  • The Demons' winning total contained 47 scoring shots, beating the previous record of 38 set by Seventh Wonders (now West Coast Wonders) in Season 01.
  • The combined score between both clubs of 287 points is the highest cumulative total in a Grand Final, beating the previous mark of 268 points between Fighting Furies and West Coast Wonders in Season 15.
  • 28 goals is the most kicked in a Grand Final, surpassing the Bombers' record of 23 in Season 23.
  • The Demons' winning margin of 87 points is the highest winning margin in a Grand Final, beating the previous highest which was 62 points, ironically held by Fighting Furies.
  • With Mount Buller winning the premiership, they are only the third minor premier and first in 13 seasons win the premiership after finishing on top of the ladder.
  • Season 26 is the Demons' second premiership from their fifth Grand Final. It is also the second time that the Demons have won the flag after losing their final home and away match to Dragons FFC.
  • Season 26 was Fighting Furies' 12th Grand Final. This season is the sixth time they've lost an SFA Grand Final. #firsttosix
  • The Demons score of 28.19 (187) is their second highest score of all-time, their highest ever score against Fighting Furies and their highest ever score in a final. This match was the first occasion where Mount Buller has kicked exactly 28 goals at the completion of the match and only the third time they've scored 28 goals or more in an SFA fixture.
  • 28.19 (187) is the highest score Fighting Furies have conceded in a match, beating the 167 points they conceded in Season 05, Round Four and Season 10, Round 11 to Titans and East Side Hawks respectively.
  • 28 goals is the most goals Fighting Furies have conceded in a match in Season 04, Round 13 to BigFooty Bombers (now Baghdad Bombers) and Season 10, Round 11 to East Side Hawks.
  • FinBar19's 11 goals is the most kicked by a player in a Grand Final and equal second most ever in a match.
And to think we were 5 goals down at 3/4 time in the Prelim!
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