News Moving To Optus Stadium

Will you sign up for the Perth Stadium?

  • Already a member and staying committed

    Votes: 79 45.7%
  • Already a member but not rejoining

    Votes: 6 3.5%
  • Hoping to join

    Votes: 36 20.8%
  • Chris Masten

    Votes: 65 37.6%

  • Total voters

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I reckon 800mm-ish above seat height - maybe more or less. So maybe??? effect the viewing of row 1 of tier 3? I think roughly 1.3m high if you were standing in front row.

The pic above looks roughly from the 3rd row of seats. And behind the goals.

I post this to help people with the front row conundrum - take the info with a grain of salt!

The info is based on old stuff and could have changed in the proceeding years.
Exactly what I am worried about. Look at the seat just to the left of her. Looking directly into 2 poles spaced not 15cm apart. No thanks. And it doesn't really look like each "window" lines up exactly with every seat.

But then again look below the football. That pole is almost non existent. It could be some kind of optical illusion depending on the angle you are viewing.

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to visuals. A single dead pixel on my old monitor drove me bonkers until I replaced it. So yeah.... Just wish the open day was before seats got locked in.
well after chatting to our group leader it seems like if we dont get a better allocation in the window on Friday the group will disband and most of the 8 will not renew. Just completely absurd increasing tickets 20% that are 30 rows further back.

I think you will be fine if your seat secure window is Friday Macca - sit tight and you'll have some very good seat options to choose from - I imagine.:D

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Is there a comparable map of the new stadium available?

The seating classifications at Subi were absurd. I suspect a lot of complaints about new seats are from people whose previous seats were very generously categorised.
Actually I just found my answer to the question about when seat secure windows open. Not long now?:D What will be - will be! Good luck to all.

How will the Seat Secure windows run?

Seat Secure windows will run in order of consecutive length of membership (your group’s priority will be based on the tenure of the longest-serving member within your group). Group leaders will be notified of their Seat Secure window opening time by email on Friday, November 10. Seat Secure windows will commence on Tuesday, November 14. All windows will close at 5pm on Monday, November 27.
Got my application for 3 stadium memberships in 2 mins after applications opened. Our group looking at getting 9 seats total. Find out in a few weeks if we get them.
If I have 7 people in my group am I forced to take 7 seats in a row or if we are happy to split them up into 4 & 3 (for example) is that allowed?

We have a group of nine and were allocated 5 seats in row 10 and 4 seats in row 11 behind them. We are rapt as it will be easier to chat to one another than if we were in a row of 9
I'm in a group of 9. We got split over 2 rows (4 & 5). What we wanted to do anyway.
Block 331 btw. Very happy with our allocation :D
We got lucky I guess, going by the 50/50 responses here...

View attachment 436868

We are a group of 9 also in 331 and were allocated 5 and 4 also. We are rapt with ours

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That wait will seem long.
Hope the seats you are after free up.
What are you hoping for & what do you have?

Hoping for Club 87 or Blue and Gold Tce - but you know what? If doesn't happen then that's fine as well. Many members are having to wait two weeks for their window to open so ... there's always someone worse off.

We currently have Block 127 - Row 22 (group of 8 taking up half the row) so not too bad because it is also right undercover. Good luck with your selections!
We were eyeing off the Block 123 seats but they are supposedly gone already. Hope people move out of decent areas but not holding my breath. We are on the worse side of 126 atm.