Much maligned

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anchor man

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Apr 6, 2001
Success WA
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I have watched a lot of footy, seen some champions, seen some good players.Seen some that don't have the ability of some of the satrs, but give every ounce of effort they can, week in week out.Not stars , but great contributors.
And the latter brings me tot he point of this this post.I watch and listen to the "experts" talking and I stop and think why are they bagging this player from the club or that one from another club.The players I am talking about are the ones who are there at the very first bounce.They bang into each other with gusto.They , to me are the warriors who set he tone for the game from the first bounce.The Ruckmen.
I have seen some great, none better than the legendary Stephen Michael, the player South Fremantle won games and GFs on.
Polly Farmer, the greatest of all , not just as a ruckman, but a ruckman who change the way the game is played.
The Irishman Jim Stynes.He came to Australia , basically knowing nothing about our great game, yet finished up an imortal of the melbourne football club, and also the VFL/AFL.
I could go on withthe list of great ruckmen, but it would be fruitless, because the alleged experts, the callers, the former players who should know better, constantly put the ruckmen under undue pressure saying that never give the ball to such and such,He is a ruckmen.Or that was a typical ruckmans kick.They dont think quickly enough.They are slow.They are lumbering.
Yet when packs form, who is it there protecting the mids, or the rover.Yep that's right the clumsy clot ruckman.He is the warrior, the protector.He stands by the lesser sized players and stops the bullying.
Yet I am sure that when the selectors sit down to make selection, one of the first picked is the ruckman.In every team that is.They are a vital part of every team in the competition.
It makes my blood boil when I hear the experts mock the ruckmen.It is unnecessary and wrong.
The game start in the centre,the first ones there are the ruckmen.Show them some respect.
Here's to the Warriors of every team.The ruckman.✋🏉🏃.


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May 13, 2012
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Brumbies, Socceroos
Certainly true what you say about the physical punishment at the centre bounce.
It's also true that there are some ruckmen, when they have the ball in hand, and you're hoping they don't try and do anything with it that is above their station.

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