Current Murder & torture charges laid for missing toddler Kaydence Mills


Dec 27, 2016
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Kaydence was born in September 2014 and police said she had not been seen since 2016. In December last year, police excavated a backyard looking for her but found nothing and turned their attention to an area at the Chinchilla Weir where a crime scene has been established after finding her skeletal remains.

Tane Saul Destage, 40, and Sinitta Tammy Dawita, 28, were arrested overnight over the death of Kaydence Dawita Mills, who would have been five this year.
The pair was charged with murder, torture and interfering with a corpse but did not appear in the Dalby Magistrate's Court.

I don't know how authorities worked out she was missing but I hope it was the system that tripped these two up.


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Oct 15, 2004
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How does this kind of thing happen so often, with parents killing and abusing their children? Give me a gun and a free pass.

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Feb 23, 2019
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It wasn't the system after all that realised she was missing for four years, someone in the extended family reported it. I have to wonder, like Khandalyce how many little kids can just vanish and nobody notices it.

Oh Shelly, this is something i think about all the time and it really worries me because its so true! Ive worked in the youth sector for some time and seen so many bad parents. DCP do what they can, but if they arent told they dont know something is going on!! Speak up people, speak up! If you think something is not right, its probably because it not! these children dont have a voice, the parents often isolate themselves from family and the people they associate with often dont or wont see what is going on. So many children fall between the cracks!

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