Mod. Notice MVP Progressive Totals for the 2021 Season; After round 7 v Swans, HENRY INTO TOP 6.

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David the Cat

Dec 7, 2009
AFL Club
Hello fellow Cat Fans. Welcome to season 2021

The BF Geelong Board MVP has been an institution for many years. The opinion of Geelong board posters on the performance of our players week to week deserves recognition as the season progresses.

I would urge all posters to express their opinions by voting....whether we win lose or draw.

It is a bit of a task, so sticking to the 5,4,3,2,1 format would be much appreciated.Any divergence from this format will lead to your vote not counting.

But most importantly....VOTE! Your opinion counts.

It was remarkable how close the Geelong Board voting mirrored the Carji votes last year. Can Cam Guthrie do it again??

I will publish the progressives every week, and votes need to be cast well before the bounce the following week. The progressives thread will be locked, however any comments or suggestions can be expressed via PM to me.

The locked progressive totals thread will be updated about 5 days after the game each week.....and the game day MVP vote thread will be opened immediately after the game finishes throughout the season. Make sure you get your vote in on time. ( i.e before the progressive thread is updated.)

GO Cats!

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