MXGP The takedown of KTM


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Jun 6, 2016
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Tim Gasjer has taken the title with an evident injury curse to both Cairoli and Herlings. Also evidently is Prado's dominance in MX2.

It's fair speculation that a fit Cairoli and Herlings would've dominated MX1..................... but it's speculation only.

Tim Gasjer is no slouch, heck the likes of Caldenhoff, Fevbre, Seewer (who claimed 2nd btw), Tonas, hell there's too many to mention aren't slouches either.

OK you can see the speed of those two demi gods but in all fairness you can see the speed in the others which begs the question, are those two just absolutely faster or are they on superior machines?

Dicey question I know, but a question none the less. I couldn't say one way or the other. We know that MX is a formula to regulate a level playing field, so are team KTM just better administrated and by extension better results?

I seriously doubt that given the talent in the paddock. Mmnnup I reckon even with a fit Cairoli and Herlings as good as they are team KTM will be challenged.


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