Rumour Nadia Bartel on the nose beers and breaching lockdown rules.

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Sep 20, 2016
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I saw the nude photo, one of the most unattractive bodies I've seen. She has baseball-sized tits near her armpits. How a cosmetic surgeon can sign off on that is beyond me. If a woman wants to do that to herself she has serious issues.
Is she a candidate for the next series of "Botched"

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Aug 2, 2007
Tangiers Casino, Las Vegas
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Wasn't Ellie Pearson, the person who "accidentally" leaked this clip, Josh Hunt's ex-girlfriend?

I remember when I was living in Geelong there was a minor scandal because Josh Hunt dumped his girlfriend and she emailed everyone at the club calling him a flog and the email went "viral?"

Also Bec Judd, Nadia and this Ellie chick are always shilling a fake tan company they seem to own together on their socials.

Anyway. Rich people doing dumb things delights me and I'm not about to pretend otherwise.

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What about that little germ from Nova who carries around her handbag, surely he is involved.
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