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Jun 24, 2011
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Panionios, Hellas
Looks like we're counting on the Parliament to sort this out
Unfortunately the Parliament have decided to sit out until further notice due to cuts from Covid (the last couple of years were due to laziness from the HQ but we'll blame Covid)

This year we rely on the historic 'Woods, originally from Blackwood in SA. Looking forward to the new direction... 🌳

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Freight Train

Board man gets paid.
Sep 12, 2015
The West
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West Coast
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Cherries, Glory, Marítimo, Raptors
When does bidding close my guy?
given the size of this competition, it technically doesn't, but get ya bids in.


PSA: If you haven't put in a second bid yet, or haven't even put a first bid in yet, we don't have teams in Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin or the Gold Coast. If you're struggling for identity inspiration, look no further...

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Major Leagues
Sep 8, 2010
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When Mick Micklewright lost his license for D.U.I.,
he knew there was no way he would let that get
in the way of his dreams of being a premiership coach.
Every morning at the crack of dawn; rain, hail or shine
he would hitch a ride to training in his neighbour Ibrahim's
kebab truck, Coach Mick didn't miss a single session...

so when the Box Hill Whitetails needed a new identity
after 2 wins in 5 seasons... Coach Mick turned to
the most inspiring person he knew: himself.

and so: the Box Hill Fighting Kebabs were born.



SFA S29 Premiership Player
May 26, 2017
Uruguayana, RS (BRA) [last: Rockville, MD (USA)]
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Port Adelaide
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Grêmio, DC United, Clev. Indians


Greensborough Golds (black, gold, white, green, yellow) - cannavo
Anglesea Surf (black, orange, pink) - fancyscum
Flemington Stallions (maroon, gold) - Cody_
Ringwood Rockets (yellow, orange, red, black, white) - caloschwaby
St Kilda FC (black, pink, orange) - Dylan8
Ballarat Eureka (navy, royal, white) - The Victorian
Whittlesea Eagles (blue, yellow, gold) - Fizzler
Bendigo Golden Dragons (red, gold, white) - Zoops
Geelong Dragons (teal, green, white) - The Half Back
Belmont Thorns (pink, white, black) - Rubber Arm
Dandenong Vikings (royal, orange) - tigerz18
Brunswick FC (brown, blue) - Don_Kay

Sydney Australians (green, gold, blue) - El_Scorcho
Wollongong Suns (charcoal, orange, sky, yellow) - The Half Back
Harbour City Storm (cyan, red, blue, pink) - Freight Train
Orange Crush (orange, purple) - Barrybran
Bondi Intergalactic Gang of Princess Pigs (black, royal blue, pink) - WLWLWLWLWL

Bundaberg Bulls (red, black, white, silver) - craegus
Cleveland Jaguars (blue, black, white) - Cody_
Townsville Heatwave (maroon, yellow, white) - BringBackTheAnchor
Whitsunday Islanders (turquoise, lime, white) - Red Crow
Brisbane Redhawks (red, black, white) - The_torpedo
Mount Isa Miners (turquoise, magenta, grey) - Gibbsy
Toowoomba Tsars (black, yellow, white) - magpienato
Southport Mariners (brown, cream) - Rubber Arm
Caloundra Sea Turtles (teal, gold, charcoal) - exile

Adelaide Woods (brown, beige, black, white) - Andonis1997
Naracoorte Bats (cyan, blue) - just_kick_it
Adelaide Pistons (silver, red, blue, yellow) - fancyscum
Barossa Valley Dolphins (navy, white, green) - BringBackTheAnchor
Mount Gambier Volcanoes (black, red, orange, yellow) - Prison bar Pete
Hahndorf Adler (black, white, blue) - _Damo_
Lobethal Rosellas (cream, green, black) - Storm20
Osborne Commodores (navy, light blue, gold) - Kangas_11

Great Southern Sharks (sky, navy, white) - muggsy26
South Perth Swans (blue, pink) - sjohnson
Broome Mavericks (navy, orange) - FootyGuy13
Hammersly Haulers (yellow, silver, navy, black) - TY24
Leschenault Crabs (blue, bronze, white) - Barrybran
Mobrup Mustangs (green, black, charcoal) - Lucev23
Wembley Volts (black, volt green) - Fizzler

Hobart Hornets (TBA, whatever colours he wants) - Bacon Warrior
Grindelwald Griffins (white, gold, black) - Nickimus Rex
Launceston Wild (green, red, yellow, black) - Mac Ropod

Uluru Cockatoos (black, orange) - Freight Train
Alice Springs Pirates (red, black, white) - Spanna_
Palmerston Leatherbacks (green, red, white) - Kangas_11

Kingston Capitals (blue, red) - EagleOz
Tinbinbilla Spacemen (???) - Broken

Waikato Tigers (red, black, yellow) - El_Scorcho
Wellington Seawolves (navy, teal, white) - craegus
Queenstown Devils (dark green, black, white) - EagleOz
Auckland Blizzard (blue, black, grey, white) - Mac Ropod
Double round-robin, followed by a 32-team best-of-5 series finals? :p

Seriously, I barely can wait! It will be awesome.
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Dec 26, 2013
Just refuelling ⛽
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Port Adelaide
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Double round-robin, followed by a 32-team best-of-5 series finals? :p

Seriously, I barely can wait! It will be awesome.
Everyone kicks into another gear in the NAFL, so you’re going to love this comp this year. It’s my 6th season this year and I’ve never been as excited for the comp to start

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