Poll NAFL 2020 - Semifinals TIEBREAKER (Sydney vs. Waikato)

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Freight Train

Board man gets paid.
Sep 12, 2015
The West
AFL Club
West Coast
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Cherries, Glory, Marítimo, Raptors

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Poll will be open for 24 hours

After finishing 23-17 & 17-23, the two games between Sydney and Waikato were a perfect tie, meaning we have to go to a tiebreaker. Home vs home, 24 hour poll.

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Sydney vs. Waikato


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A New Dawn has Broken
Aug 8, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Arsenal, Macarthur FC
Last six votes have been for Sydney. Who’s been vote brigading on the Australians board?
Great, just what we need. I can't believe that this has happened again.

Lets just throw them both out and bring back teams that were knocked out by these teams in previous rounds. That will fix the problem.

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