TV Naked and Afraid

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Sep 9, 2013
AFL Club
I was a bit underwhelmed by regular N&A episode but loved XL.

I thought Lacey was losing it but compared to Gary she's tame! Thought she might be helped by Matt's arrival but I'm not sure they had much /any connection from season 3 as I think Lacey was gone before their tribes merged??

Gary thinks he's helping the tribe and sure he's got good points that he left more jerky for others by eating the scavenged meat and that he got the figs but HOW does he ignore that he's not helping with the shelter, is putting others offside by going on and on about being a real survivalist and to top it all off he spends a night sh%tting in their boma!! Gary started out really well with Trent and Jeremy (you hunt, I'll build the shelter), playing to each others strengths. He seemed to be holding it together until Matt arrived and Gary's scavenged meat was poor man's choice vs Matt's jerky. Very interesting that Matt and Gary end up doing another season together (see short clip I posted previously in this thread).

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