Contracted Nakia Cockatoo [re-signed for 2020]

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Dec 28, 2007
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Richmond 2019 Premiers
I'd take him for a 2nd rounder at Richmond

Injuries are a worry but talent certainly there

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Sep 23, 2017
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What's wrong with this bloke physically? Same injury over and over like a Deledio or is he a Beau Waters that always has something new?
Hamstrings, knee, quads, abductors.

He is an interesting prospect. Strong as an ox and has a real hard edge. He is a bit of a smiling assassin in that regards.

Will do the jaw dropping play one minute then won't touch it for a quarter. His last game he ran around in the middle against west coast and was looking very good then injury again.

He is right up there with degoey as the most talented player in his draft and he can do things I games very few others can do. Regardless where he goes let's hope he gets his body right



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Sep 29, 2016
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Bayern Munich
Would love to have him at the bombers

Cats fans - provided he was to be traded would a fourth do it or would you be looking for a mid-lateish 3rd?


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 5, 2004
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We would get a R4 .. they are almost almost just redtape picks. Unfortunately for the clubs OOC players have very little value in trade.
Remember wanting him in his draft year off the very limited vision of him - he came from a long way back from memory to blitz the all star game.

Geelong beat us to the punch and we had to make do with Corey Ellis.

Wouldn’t mind him on our list for a nominal pick if we thought we could get his body right.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Port have four 4th round picks. Just sayin.
Worth nothing. Hope we keep
4th rounder and send him to the states to see the guy who worked on Darcy Moore and Jamie Elliot. Minimal risk huge reward if it works out.

On talent he is probably worth more, but not with his injury history.

Where ever he is next year, hope he gets his body right. Its a shame when super talents cant stay fit.

Herne Hill Hammer

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Jun 22, 2008
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Young exciting player that has had a few injuries but also seemed out of favour when he was healthy

Out of contract, another one to watch as the year goes on

Very hard to value atm
I don't know why you'd think he was out of favour when healthy. They've had a habit of slotting him straight back into the seniors even on limited preparations and it hasn't worked anytime that they've done it.

I love his aggression and that he looks like he really thrives on the physical side of the game. I hate that he's broken all the time.

With the injection of players into the forward line this year if he can't string some games together this year and show something then it might be curtains for him at the Cattery or they could give him another year or 2 just in case.


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Dec 10, 2003
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What’s the timeline on his return?

Cockatoo hoping for change of luck

Nakia Cockatoo is slowly being eased back to full fitness with a view to playing senior football by July this year.

It has been another frustrating season for the wildly talented midfielder, who has battled knee, groin and hamstring injuries in the last year.

Over summer he was also bitten by a spider in Bali and had his tonsils out.

Out of contract this year, there will be rivals trying to lure him away to play a running halfback role.

But he is happy at the Cats and has his sights set on a VFL return in late June then hopefully a step up to VFL in time to push for a finals berth.

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