NBA [NBA] 2021-22 Real Dream Team

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Joined both.
I know absolutely nothing about basketball tbh
Not sure how you can loop in this if at all with multiple games.
Put C on A.Davis. Is that any good ?
You cant loop unfortunately .. Davis is a solid pick for C. Tbh, usually the "top guys" you have dont matter as much as having the right mid-rangers and rookies from the get go. Having said that, there are only some that can go huge in any given game - AD is one of them.

Im only rolling with Giannis and Luka as my Premo's to start with.
3(c) 81

Davis Durant Curry

My team is

Curry Ball (Hayes)
Doncic Edwards (Hallburton)
Davis (Wiseman)
Durant Porter JR (Okoro)
Tatum Griffin (Toppin)
Only had Curry today - i was playing last minute with squeezing Durant in but ran out of time to be happy with it.

Alot more mid-range this year for me.. mostly because its the worst rookie class i can remember, but we'll see ;)
My captain not the best choice so far in my team

EDIT 215 after 1st round of games

Off the pace a tad compared to others
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My Team

LaVine Curry (GSW) / Cole Anthony
Doncic Coby White / Horton-Tucker
Davis (c) / Looney
Richardson Barrett / Okoro
Tatum George / Avdija

Both Bulls players spudded in their first game😭

Looney dud, missed Wiseman😭

Not a great start overall
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402 (c x2)
2tp then 7tp 3rd game

Looking at GW2 i will trade Curry Ball Edwards giving me
8 x 4 games players + Doncic 3 games.

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692 with embiid as C.. backfired, everything else was mostly good. Garland, Hayward, drummo risks worked. Hayes my only must ditch
601 with C x 2 and 2 others only playing twice.
Could have been near 700.

Davis Ball Edwards OUT Will make potential 7x 4 game players.
Didnt think b2b's would worry Embiid, but apparently 😐 fair few 4 gamers to target, but again.. bit of a lottery as to if they play them all!

Money making exercies whilst increasing scoring on field hopefully. Didnt really end up straight up getting 4 gamers. 4.5 mil in the bank.

C.White is still the biggest issue, but hopefully with 4 games he can eek out a 50-60
Oh dear just seen team news.

Durant and Griffin will be rested.

Think players playing all 4 games will be far and few between.

Gone Jovic Young Neto for Davis Ball Hayes
My trades changed to

Jovic (c) J Brown Bridges IN

357 + potential

Jovic C x2
Porter jr x2
J Brown x3
Tatum x3
Curry x2
Bridges x3
Doncic x3
Durant x3
Griffin x2

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