NBA All Star Weekend 2020 - Chicago, Ill. Feb 15-17. Tickets available at various outlets.

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Toffee Lion

BigFooty Rising Star
Oct 10, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Everton, Bucks, Packers
You need 1 guy to want to win, start winning because of it and then another guy to respond and want to deny that guy from winning.

Soon enough, enough guys buy in and you have a competitive game.

Bless Giannis for trying to be that guy.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 27, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Never understood why they don’t go hard. You can’t pull the injury excuse when you’re in a league that plays 82 games with the majority relatively meaningless over the course of the season. Footy or NFL you can understand it, where every single game is a major turning point in your season and you don’t want to go down with an injury in an exhibition game.

But NBA.. you’re putting yourself out there at risk of an injury every night in a game that’s only 1 of 82 and doesn’t necessarily affect your season that much. The all star game is no different to that.. just another random game, so let’s see the best players go up against the best players..


Premiership Player
Sep 8, 2007
AFL Club
What you said. Think Embiid is their gold carrot but him and Simmons together I’m not convinced at all. Could easily get a couple of early first rounders and or a couple of players (shooters) that could help Philly really contend.
I wonder if the Nets would be willing to give up Dinwiddie, Harris, and Lavert to get that 3rd star to pair with Kyrie and KD.

I think that would be a win/win trade for both

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