Need help in finding a downloadable (and printable) Tips Ladder

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Mar 30, 2019
AFL Club
St Kilda
Hi guys, as the title says, I am in need of finding a downloadable tips ladder. Our work one was taken down when they did up the tea room and it has gone missing. There's about 40 people in it and am in need of replacing it. The courier mail and Adelaide website news ones* have one for download but require a subscription to get to. I can't justify getting a subscription just to get their tips ladder. I am hoping someone here has a subscription to one of the sites which has a downloadable tipping ladder who can pass onto me. Or one saved on their PC from years previous which I could steal.

Am hoping for some help!

If this is in the wrong section, I apologise and request it to be moved to the appropriate section.

I'm hoping to hear from anyone.

Thank you in advance.

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