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New Ladder Competition


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Apr 15, 2006
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1. I determined the initial ladder positions on Mon 27 July 2020 (see next post). New members of the Club are added below the lowest ranked active member (see 11.)

2. You may play up to 2 games at once; one against a player above you on the ladder and one against a player below you in the ladder.

3. You may challenge anyone who is one, two, three, four or five spots above you on the ladder. Challenges are issued on this thread by tagging the person who is being challenged and myself (pickler_mz ). If you are challenged to a ladder game, and you are not already playing or being challenged by someone below you in the ladder, you must accept the challenge on this thread before the end of the 2nd day after the challenge (e.g. if you were challenged on a Monday, you have until end Wednesday to accept the invite.). Refusal to accept the challenge is treated as a loss.

4. If you know in advance that you are going to be unavailable for a time please let me know and I will place a note on the ladder

5. Ladder games are set up using Once the challenge is accepted on this thread, the person making the challenge will send an invite to their opponent. The person making the challenge plays White and the person being challenged plays Black. The time limit is 1 day, which means minimum 1 move a day. However it is generally expected that games will be completed within a week.

6. Members need to post the results of their matches to this thread and tag myself (pickler_mz ). Live ladder updates will be processed in the order of thread post.

7. If the lower-ranked player wins, the lower-ranked player takes the higher-ranked player’s spot on the ladder, and the higher-ranked player moves down one spot.

8. If the higher-ranked player wins, there is no change in the players’ rankings.

9. If the game ends in a draw, the lower-ranked player takes the spot just below the higher-ranked player.

10. After a ladder game is played, at least one of the players must play a ladder game against someone else before they are allowed to play each other again.

11. Appeals: if you feel your opponent is being unnecessarily slow (e.g. only playing 1 move a day), cheating by using outside assistance, or you have any other claims or queries, let me know. I shall rule on all matters and my decision will be final.

12. Inactive members: players who have not played a game for four weeks or more will be deemed inactive and demoted below active players

13. Ladder will continue until 31 October 2020.
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Apr 15, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Current Ladder - at end Wednesday 23 Sept 2020

1 Schultzenfest
2 SamFFC
3 RalfM
4 Baz_Machine
5 Jaymin
6 Pickler_MZ
7 Tim Evans Beard
8 iluvparis
9 Callums Guns
10 Sarah Smiles
11 Crank it up
12 chelseacarlton
13 Stronzo
14 Goldrush
15 Th3 DogFath3r
16 LeoBarryuStar
17 Chipmunk
18 Al Snow 13
19 Santoz
20 Daddy 4 Eyes

Inactive. Any inactive or new player may challenge any of the bottom six active players.
21 Orazio2Joe
22 Hawkage
23 Stiff Arm
24 Cursing Fijian
25 Grumbleguts
27 Filthy Sanchez
28 eezaa
29 Deanius!
30 Bjchan13
31 Marlow
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Senior List
Apr 15, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Completed Games
28/7/2022 iluvparis19 Goaldrush1-0
4/8/2011 Orazio2Joe7 Callums Gums1-0
28/7/2028 pickler_mz24 leobarryustar0-1
29/7/202 Jaymin1 baz_machine1-0
30/7/2019 iluvparis14 Sarah Smiles1-0 def
2/8/2027 SamFFC22 Filthy Sanchez1-0 def
3/8/2021 Schulzenfest18 chelseacarlton0-1
6/8/207 orazio2joe5 Tim Evans Beard1-0
7/8/2028 pickler_mz26 Triple E0-1
7/8/2019 Schulzenfest14 Crankitup1-0
8/8/2014 iluvparis11 marlowe1-0 def
9/8/2026 picker_mz22 SamFFC0-1
10/8/2014 Schulzenfest13 Marlowe1-0 def
10/8/2026 Santoz25 pickler_mz0-1
11/8/205 orazio2joe3 RalfM0-1
11/8/203 RalfM1 Jaymin0-1
11/8/2013 Schulzenfest11 iluvparis1-0
12/8/2025 pickler_mz23 Chipmunk0-1
13/8/2019 SamFFC17 Stronzo1-0
16/8/2025 pickler_mz22 Th3 DogFatH3r1-0 (time)
16/8/204 orazio2joe2 Baz_Machine0-1
17/8/2012 iluvparis7 Callums Guns1-0
19/8/204 orazio2joe1 Jaymin0-1
19/8/2012 Schulzenfest8 Callums Guns1-0
21/8/2021 pickler_mz16 chelseacarlton0-1
21/8/207 iluvparis5 Tim Evans Bearddraw
21/8/2017 SamFFC12 Sarah Smiles1-0
21/8/203 RalfM2 Baz Machine1-0
23/8/207 iluvparis8 Schulzenfest0-1
23/8/207 Schulzenfest4 Orazio2Joe0-1
23/8/204 Orazio2oe3 RalfM1-0
23/8/204 RalfM2 Baz_Machine1-0
23/8/207 iluvparis3 Orazio2Joe0-1
24/8/203 Schulzenfest5 Tim Evans Beard1-0

Challenges / Games in Progress
21/8/2012 SamFFC10 Grumbleguts1-0
23/8/208 iluvparis7 Schulzenfest0-1
24/8/2029 Daddy 4 eyes24 Chipmunk0-1
24/8/207 iluvparis2 Ralf M0-1
27/8/204 Baz Machine1 Jaymin1-0
28/8/2010 SamFFC6 Tim Evans Beard1-0
30/8/207 Schulzenfest3 Orazio2Joe1-0
31/8/203 Schulzenfest1 Baz_Machine0-1
6/9/207 iluvparis6 Tim Evans Beard0-1
18/9/206 SamFFC2 RalfM1-0
15/9/202 RalfM1 Baz_Machine1-0
18/9/2014 Pickler_MZ13 Goaldrush1-0
20/9/2013 Pickler_MZ8 Callums Guns1-0
20/9/202 SamFFC1 Schulzenfest0-1
23/9/208 Pickler_MZ6 Tim Evans Beard0-1
26/10/208 Pickler_MZ6 Tim Evans Beard1-0
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Senior List
Apr 15, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
it's surprising how quickly one can rise up the ladder with a few wins. You can challenge and be challenged at the same time.

Should be ready to play.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 1, 2013
AFL Club
Other Teams
Fulham, 76ers, Cubs, Bills
You are already a member... you are sognesis aren't you? Sorry the randomiser put you so low on the list.

I know I have and Bigfooty user names mixed up - I will correct that when I update the ladder.
Oops I'm blind - thanks! No worries at all!

Challenge Filthy Sanchez 27 v 22


Feb 23, 2008
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Toronto Raptors
I've only just seen this thread.

Is the attachment with the ladder not working for anyone else? I'm just being told it the attachment can't be found.

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