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Apr 14, 2018
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James Clement returns to Fremantle Dockers as board member
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Mark DuffieldThe West Australian
Friday, 8 November 2019 4:08PM
Mark Duffield

James Clement in action for the Dockers in 1999.
James Clement in action for the Dockers in 1999. Credit: Iain Gillespie

After speculation that he might be a candidate for Fremantle’s chief executive role, former Docker James Clement has agreed to join the club – but as a member of the club’s board.
Clement will take the place of another former player Stephen O’Reilly, who steps down after 10 years service. O’Reilly’s departure was predicted by some after his son Dillon was drafted by the Dockers mid-season.
Clement played a combined 230 games for Fremantle and Collingwood between 1996 and 2007 and is the CEO of Sea Harvest Australia.
It was expected that he would be a target for the CEO’s role which was eventually filled by Simon Garlick after the removal of Steve Rosich at the time of coach Ross Lyon’s sacking in August.
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Clement holds a science degree from Curtin University, an MBA from La Trobe University, is deputy chairman of the WA Fishing Industry Council and chairman of its finance and risk management committee.
James’ experience in business and finance combined with his governance expertise and football knowledge, in particular, make him a welcome addition to our board of directors
Dale Alcock
He will start his two-year term on the board on 1 December, replacing O’Reilly, who is retiring.
President Dale Alcock said it was important to boost the board’s football expertise after the departure of O’Reilly.
“Following Peter Bell’s transition from the club’s board to its executive team and Stephen O’Reilly’s retirement, it was agreed that we needed to replenish the board’s depth of football expertise, and potential candidates were considered on that basis,” he said.
“James’ experience in business and finance combined with his governance expertise and football knowledge, in particular, make him a welcome addition to our board of directors.”
Clement (right) earlier this year.
Clement (right) earlier this year. Credit: John Koh
Fremantle’s board and its relationship with fans is to undergo a constitutional overhaul.
The club will shift from its long-established practice of having two member-elected board members, bringing it into line with West Coast’s method of having board members chosen by the club and approved by the WA Football Commission.
The job of keeping in touch with the mood and feelings of the supporter base is expected to be carried out by a soon to be established liaison group made up of about 20 people who represent a cross section of Fremantle supporters.
O’Reilly’s departure ends 10 years on the board. Prior to that he had been a foundation member of the Dockers playing list after being recruited from Geelong, who he had played for in the 1994 grand final against West Coast.
He played 98 games for the Dockers between 1995 and 1999. He is a senior manager in accounting firm KPMG’s Perth branch and remains an active member of the Dockers past players group and the key club coterie group the AJ Diamond Club.

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anchor man

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Apr 6, 2001
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I really think we should be in direct communication with the WAFC.

If we have to Wine and dine so be it.

Maybe, an Dale Alcock might help as well.
Oh I don't think there is any doubt that the FFC are in touch with the WAFC.After all the WAFC run the two WA clubs.Just one side gets more than the other from them.
Always reckon we are like the bastard child.Tne AFL really didn't want us, the WAFC din't want us, the WAFL didn't want us.None of them wanted us.
The AFL allowed us in to dimish the strength of the Yellas.The WAFC didn't want us to take anything from the Yellas.The WAFL didn't want us because we would take more WAFL players.


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Oct 24, 2015
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James Clement is now the CEO of Vysarn - a publicly listed holding company of Pentium Hydro Pty Ltd, a dedicated hydrogeological and dewatering business. It's only about a $18m company but clearly James is in demand.


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Heard on 3AW that Carlton want our head recruiter David Walls to replace SOS.

This would be a huge loss to Freo. David has worked under Brad Lloyd at Freo so they have a relationship. Also David Walls’ dad Robert is Carlton legend.

Walls is contracted but a list manager position would be a promotion so I don’t know. Why don’t we just give him the list manager job at Freo????

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