Toast New guernsey numbers - OP Updated for 2021

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Oct 19, 2008
AFL Club
That time of year when the lists are final and not much list management to talk about except guernsey numbers.

2021 changes:
6: Logan McDonald (last worn by Jackson Thurlow)
16: Braeden Campbell (last worn by Zac Foot)
21: Errol Gulden (last worn by Jack Maibaum)
31: Tom Hickey (last worn by Harry Reynolds)
33: Marc Sheather (last worn by Ryley Stoddart)
36: Joel Amartey (was 46, last worn by Aliir Aliir)
40: Malachy Carruthers (last worn by Nick Smith)

1: Chad Warner (last worn by James Rose)
2: Kaiden Brand (last worn by Daniel Menzel)
3: Dylan Stephens (last worn by Jarrad McVeigh)
10: Sam Naismith (was 35, last worn by Zak Jones)
15: Sam Gray (last worn by Kieren Jack)
17: Will Gould (last worn by Darcy Cameron)
28: Lewis Taylor (last worn by Durak Tucker)
35: Barry O'Connor (last worn by Sam Naismith)
37: Elijah Taylor (last worn by Adam Goodes)
39: Brady Rowles (last worn by Heath Grundy)

2: Daniel Menzel (last worn by Alex Johnson)
4: Ryan Clarke (last worn by Daniel Hannebery)
6: Jackson Thurlow (last worn by Jordan Foote)
8: James Rowbottom (last worn by Kurt Tippett)
16: Zac Foot (last worn by Gary Rohan)
22: Nick Blakey (last worn by Dean Towers)
27: Justin McInerney (last worn by Daniel Robinson)
28: Durak Tucker (last worn by Nic Newman)
31: Harry Reynolds (last worn by Harrison Marsh)
45: Sam Wicks (last worn by Angus Styles)

11: Tom Papley (was 41, last worn by Jeremy Laidler)
19: Matthew Ling (last worn by Shaun Edwards)
30: Tom McCartin (last worn by Tyrone Leonardis)
32: James Bell (last worn by Michael Talia)
33: Ryley Stoddart (last worn by Brandon Jack)
41: Jake Brown (last worn by Tom Papley)
45: Angus Styles (last worn by Samuel Fisher)
46: Joel Amartey (last worn by Samuel Murray)

6: Jordan Foote (was 45, last worn by Tom Mitchell)
9: Will Hayward (last worn by Abaina Davis)
13: Oliver Florent (last worn by Toby Nankervis)
17: Darcy Cameron (last worn by Jack Hiscox)
19: Shaun Edwards (last worn by Tom Derickx)
21: Jack Maibaum (last worn by Ben McGlynn)
25: Ben Ronke (last worn by Ted Richards)
42: Robbie Fox (last worn by Xavier Richards)
45: Samuel Fisher (last worn by Jordan Foote)
47: Toby Pink (last worn by Kyle Galloway)

2: Alex Johnson (was 34, last worn by Rhyce Shaw)
14: Callum Mills (last worn by Craig Bird)
18: Callum Sinclair (last worn by Jordan Lockyer)
30: Tyrone Leonardis (last worn by Sean McLaren)
32: Michael Talia (last worn by Lewis Jetta)
34: Jordan Dawson (last worn by Alex Johnson)
37: -rested-
38: Colin O'Riordan (last worn by Mike Pyke)
41: Tom Papley (last worn by Lloyd Perris)
46: Samuel Murray (last worn by Shane Biggs)
47: Kyle Galloway (last worn by ????)

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Team Captain
Jun 9, 2016
AFL Club
Other Teams
I'd reserve the number for an indigenous player who has been on our list say for at least 5 years. Someone who is a stable pick in our seniors, displays elite talent and has the respect of the club and playing group. I'd make a big thing of it internally to communicate to every player the significance and history of the No 37 and the selection/process to be perpetual. The jumper to be presented at a jumper presentation night by Adam and, post Adam's life, by his closest living relations. The number has too much history at our club and in our game to treat it like a normal number. Imagine the added incentive it would give to all our indigenous players, the pride of wearing it and the constant reminder to everyone in our club, the competition and the community of the history of our No 37.
I'm all in favour of honouring Goodesy but in practice I don't think it will work.

Hopefully we will have an indigenous player in the future with multiple Brownlows, Norm Smiths, and Premierships who will elevate his own number x up there with 14 and 37.
The player might want to keep his own number for that reason, or any other. Even if he is given a choice he will be under (real or imagined) pressure to take 37 otherwise he will be seen as snubbing Goodesy, or as having a big head etc.

Then we will have a situation where all good to great indigenous players are in effect required to play in no.37, whereas all non-indigenous players get the choice of any other number.

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