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As of now, all registered members have access to a basic image editor.

There are bugs and the like, and the interface needs improving, but you can try it out.

The editor lets you add text, shapes, lines and free-drawing to any image you upload to BigFooty.

To use the image editor:
  • Upload an image file as normal.
  • Click "Edit Image"
  • Use the various image editing options.
  • Save.


The interface needs work.

Pick your colour first - you can't go back and change the colour of text or drawing.

Images larger than your browser screen will resize while you're editing - and the aspect ratio will be a little out - it may look a bit narrower than it should. This will look fine once you save the edited image.

The text box doesn't expand when you type more text than the default size can hold. The text will still display when you save it. You can adjust the font size by resizing the text box.

The delete key might not work in the text box - depends on your browser or your operating system. You can highlight and type new text in over old text though.

There is a little delay in your edits showing on the image after you save the file.

Let us know of any more bugs you find.

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