News New Jumpers for 2021

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its been done

Oct 5, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Port Melbourne, Norwood, St George
Anyone got photos of the back? God help us if has stitching there like Parramatta's home jersey (who are also with Macron)


Dec 26, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
The home looks ok but the clash......

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I have been waiting for the day where I get to see these. Gonna go through what I love and hate about these
I love:
  • Thicker chevrons. Given our design is top-heavy, making them bigger.
  • The way the chevrons and Macron logo fit together is great
  • Very very deep black on the jumpers which is terrific (will get to the shorts later)
  • First time we’ve had a black jock tag and it looks amazing on the home jumper
I just like or am iffy about:
  • The jock tag on the clash will probably grow on me over time
  • The collar isn’t amazing on the home because it seems like it just cuts in out of nowhere, but on the clash it’s perfectly fine
  • Black collar and cuffs on the clash will grow on me
  • A little pedantic but if the sponsor arrangement was reversed that would be mint but looks alright as is anyway
  • The cuffs look a little bit weirdly shaped but it’s a non issue so...
I strongly dislike:
  • The faded shorts stuck out as the first thing I saw in this image, it’s normally a faded jumper and proper coloured shorts but this is the first time I’ve seen the opposite I think
  • The gap between the AFL logo on the Macron logo on the shorts is annoyingly large, it’s a non issue but could have been easily rectifiable so a little annoying.
But overall a solid effort by Macron for their first stint as an AFL manufacturer, hopefully it can get even better in future :thumbsu:

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