News New Jumpers for 2021

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Freight Train

Board man gets paid.
Sep 12, 2015
The West
AFL Club
West Coast
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Cherries, Glory, Marítimo, Raptors
You're obviously forgetting the lord and saviour of football jumpers:

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Makes me sad that this, and this (below) are the images people always see online for the Ochre.

One looks awkward af and the boys look miserable in the other. Need more shots floating around like these shots below, to end the negative stigma of this timeless beauty. At least, this is how I remember the Ochre from my childhood, not awkward sample shots and Jacko crying.



Dec 26, 2013
Covid City 🦠
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Had Port not been the only other team in SA I’d advocate for the Crows to utilise black more as a main colour for their merch. Heck, they probably should do it irrespective of Port. I get the symbolism of using those colours but three primary colours is never going to look good on merch. Black is the colour of an actual Crow too and looks far sleeker.
That being said I think they deliberately avoided black initially as every SANFL club has at least one colour represented in the Crows colour set except for Port, but it’s not 1991 anymore and Port isn’t fighting for entry, the Crows should embrace the colour black.

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