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Dec 14, 2015
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Dear Denizens,

As part of a review of the Drafts, Trading and Free Agency board we are looking at some changes to the way draft content is treated across the forum.

Our plan is to migrate all of the existing draft content into a single sub-forum. Primarily this will involve the following:
  • The AFL U18s Championships and Phantom Drafts sub-boards will be combined into one entity, "The Draft Hub"
  • Draft content that currently resides on page 3 or 4 of the main board will be migrated to the Draft Hub
  • Our esteemed draft watchers will be recognised with badges and thread prefixes so that their content is easy to find identify when visiting the Draft Hub
  • In addition to standard discussion prefixes, new thread prefixes will also be available on the Draft Hub to encourage discussion about the state-based U18 comps, school footy, mature age, ATSI and academy prospects, as well as U15s and U16s. This should also help keep things organised and easy to find.
By doing this we hope to provide a one-stop shop for the draft watching community while increasing the visibility and accessibility of Draft Watcher’s content, which until now have been cut off from the rest of the drafts discussion. It should also make it easier to find other threads that you’re interested in.

Drafts, Trading & Free Agency Mods

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