New teams for fast growing Melbourne: Stars and Dragons

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May 8, 2018
AFL Club
There's always one with absolutely no idea.
Just because you don’t like everything you read on BigFooty does not make it a troll, nor does it make the person who wrote it have “no idea”.

Try to remain calm and address the topic at hand (like a grownup). I know it seems like a daunting task, but I think you’re more than capable.


Jun 8, 2011
In the not so distant future
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Yeah you're right about the South East being a huge growth corridor. Get the AFL involved in the Cardinia/Casey pitch for a new A-League team with stadium and training ground and utilise some extra space to build a huge ****-off stadium with a 75,000 capacity.

Then simply amalgamate two struggling Melbourne teams and rebrand per your guidelines as something relatable and relevant.

Simples :moustache:
You were so nearly there.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 3, 2009
AFL Club
Why would new teams make any difference to whether a interstate or international migrant to Melboure would follow the code? A choice between 10 or 15 teams isn;t a choice between AFL, NRL or A League.

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All Australian
Aug 14, 2010
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West Coast
Other Teams
Awfully naive for someone to think Melbourne's population will double in 15 years.
Providing the necessary housing alone will be a headache.

BF Tiger

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 5, 2007
AFL Club
Yet every year the likes of Tim Kelly come out of the state leagues and straight into the big time.

I'm not convinced by this argument.

There'll be more dollars in a city twice as big.

I reckon the extra game would, yep, at a pinch.
Good luck finding 80 Tim Kelly's to fill those lists.

Will there be more dollars for new teams though? Because the current teams will be wanting more dollars. And an extra A-League team might pop up, because you know, migrant numbers. Oh, and a basketball side.

And as I said, the extra game will only be worth steak knives. There is no way that the tenth game is worth as much as the first game.

Anyway, looking at these figures for the year given, net migration was only 65,000 people to Victoria. The number to Melbourne less. Then remove those who have no interest in footy. And then those who end up supporting a traditional club. How many are left to split between two extra sides?

blue harvest

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 11, 2008
AFL Club
Awfully naive for someone to think Melbourne's population will double in 15 years.
Providing the necessary housing alone will be a headache.
Yep, OP has misinterpreted the article about population.
The doubling was talking about the city of melbourne municipality (ie: the local council area) which takes in just the central part of Melbourne. The article said the population will go from 115k to 230k, due to all the apartment buildings going up.


Jack Graham That Is 🏆🏆🏆
Sep 13, 2015
Hillary Step
AFL Club
Other Teams
No. We shouldn’t be expanding the competition. 18 is plenty/borderline too many.

Also don’t know why people ever think conferences are a good idea. I was watching the NBA and they were talking about the 76ers and Celtics and how they look like two teams of the future, and how awesome it is that that rivalry will be played out in some of the biggest games, but all I could think about was how disappointing it is that they’ll never meet in the Finals. The closest they can get to it is conference finals.
Our current system works pretty well imo. Most teams are alive until really late in the season, and the higher finishing teams are rewarded come finals without completely destroying the lower sides chances.


Premiership Player
Apr 27, 2014
AFL Club
Need another team in Richmond.... peejay
This is the only expansion team that makes sense in Melbourne. Tiges have got too big.

Richmond become Richmond United, RUFC, drawing supporters from all over greater Richmond, i.e. Cremorne, Yarra Park/Jolimont, Burnley, and significant support in the capital and beyond. They play at PRO, which is technically not even in Richmond, but they retain their long, successful history. Then we have the new club, Richmond City (The Wasps?)...with a very rich backer they could do up that ground behind the Town Hall, rolled gold Richmond real estate, a lot of plastic fans to begin with though.

Done right, both clubs would have circa 50k members, financially viable, and clubs of a size that the likes of North could realistically compete against..

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