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Jun 20, 2018
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Fifteen of our best juniors are set to take on England in a multi-format series for the Junior Ashes in January/February with the first of two four-day games kicking off on Jan 29.

Personally I am excited by the resumption of underage cricket tours to our shores, with the last in 2019 when we hosted New Zealand. That squad included, Oliver Davies, Tanveer Sangha and Todd Murphy while the last England/Australia bi-lateral series was way back in 2015. I recall closely following both series and specially a West Aussie quick named Jhye Richardson.

Australia Under 19 Squad: Harry Dixon (VIC Metro/St Kilda Cricket Club), Liam Blackford (VIC Country/Geelong Cricket Club), Ethan Jamieson (NSW Metro/University of NSW Cricket Club), Harjas Singh (NSW Metro/Blacktown Mounties Cricket Club), Joel Davies (NSW Metro/Manly Warringah Cricket Club), Hugh Weibgen (QLD Metro/Valley District Cricket Club), Lachlan Aitken (QLD Metro/Gold Coast District Cricket Club), William Salzmann (NSW Metro/Campbelltown Camden District Cricket Club), Tom Balkin (QLD Metro/Toombul District Cricket Club), Mahli Beardman (Western Australia/Melville Cricket Club), Josh Vernon (Western Australia/Pegs Creek Cricket Club), Charlie Anderson (NSW Metro/Northern District Cricket Club), Tom Straker (NSW Metro/Sutherland District Cricket Club), Luke Holt (Western Australia/Willetton District Cricket Club), Harkirat Bajwa (VIC Country/Melbourne Cricket Club)

Jan 29-Feb 1: First four-day game | Allan Border Field

Feb 6-9: Second four-day game | Ian Healy Oval

Feb 13: First ODI | Allan Border Field

Feb 15: Second ODI | Allan Border Field

Feb 17: Third ODI | Ian Healy Oval

Feb 19: T20I | Ian Healy Oval
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Thanks BGman, unfortunately none of these are in my neck of woods, are they being streamed?
This is great, good to have these games back - although personally I’d love to see more Australia A games - would be very beneficial for every test playing team to be playing ‘2nds’ long form cricket to give the real next in line guys a taste of international cricket

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Thanks BGman, unfortunately none of these are in my neck of woods, are they being streamed?
Sorry for delay. Nor mine. Reckon the series has been set in Brisbane as is home to the National Academy. No word as yet whether CA will live stream matches.
being played in Brisbane at a time when it rains by the bucket?
Thinking the same thing. Forecast is not too bad tho, with thunderstorms predicted on two of the four days.
Liam Blackford is a keeper batsmen
Have watched him in one or two Seconds games,been impressed.
I’d love to see more Australia A games
Me too. There has been one or two scheduled for this year I read. One was to NZ from memory. The Ashes may be another, copying the one in 2019.
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Came here to find out whether these will be streamed or not.
Poor form by cricket Australia if they don't.
An hour till game start and nothing on their website re live stream. So I join you, poor form CA. Nothing on cricinfo either.
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An hour till game start and nothing on their website re live coverage let alone live stream. So I join you, poor form CA. These kids have to be promoted to the max as they are part of the future of Aussie cricket.

Hearing that other than Liam Blackford almost none of the Aussie squad have played any red ball cricket over the past three years. This is a nonsense and a poor indictment on three states in particular, NSW, VIC and QLD with their archaic pathway programs which predominate with white ball cricket.
Hugh Weinberg and Lachy Aitken plays 1st's for the Gold Coast, Aitken has played 7 two day matches this season and Weigben has played 8. Pretty sure Tom Balkin has played of handful of 2 Day matches for Toombul as well.
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After spitting chips when I found no coverage or any info of this Youth Test on the CA website, I went surfing and finally found a live stream. Enjoy.

CA big noting itself after its poor treatment of loyal ACF members, with their logo emblazoned on the screen.
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Hey BGman, did you have a link to a scorecard for this?

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note; just found scorecard here

Joel Davies (captain) sent tourists in to bat and had 2 wickets inside the first 10 overs. Sounds like a late counterpunch got the Poms over 300 as stumps were called.

Straker (NSW - RHF) took 3fa and was pick of the bowlers, Tom Balkin (Qld - RFM), also took 2 wickets. 8 batsmen reached double figures, 2 passed 50, with a highest score of 67. 4 day match which will continue at Alan Border Field tomorrow.

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why is Teague Wylie not playing at least the first game?
Day 4:

Not a good start by our boys this morning after our momentum was cut short last evening. Now looks a forlorn task with 8 down, still over 100 runs behind and only Liam Blackford the last specialized bat left.

Blackford has posted the only century of the match and now has us a tantalizing 33 from victory! This kid is showing the temperament of a future Test cricketer.

Blackford goes then Josh Vernon who played a vital role in the partnerhip is run out and the Aussies fall an agonizing 24 runs short. Cricket can be a cruel game.:mad:
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Wyllie playing for the WA 2nd XI right now so that is why he isn't in this game
Surely playing u19 Ashes bigger than q seconds game.

Also will be interesting to see what happens to Teague now that SOS should be available for the shield.
Surely playing u19 Ashes bigger than q seconds game.

Also will be interesting to see what happens to Teague now that SOS should be available for the shield.

Entirely disagree. If Wyllie is going to be in the Shield team for the resumption (highly likely), he is far better off playing against actual Shield bowlers as opposed to kids. Representing your state definitely should take precedence over age group stuff

As for Marsh, who knows. Definitely feel he wants to play more Shield cricket but if he will be fit enough to do so is another question entirely
A little concerned about the dissent from Blackford when he nicked the ball on the up and was clearly caught. Standing arms open wide, with a nearby England player mystified at why he wouldn’t leave the crease.

I hope an apology is forthcoming. Best nip it in the bud at a young age.
Second Junior Ashes Test is underway in Brissie with the Aussies out to avenge their close defeat last match. One thing is certain our bowling needs to improve if we are to take down the Poms. Selectors must retain Davies, Jamieson, Blackford and perhaps Balkin and Aitken plus need to bring in a specialist opener to partner Jamieson.

Day 1:
Aussies gained the ascendancy at stumps after rolling England cheaply. The promoted Callum Vidler worried all the batsmen with his extreme pace and accuracy while Austin Anlezark swung the ball at pace but lacked control. Has potential all the same. I think the Blues have found a future top four batsman in Ethan Jamieson who continues to impress in the Brissie heat.
Lost live stream for final session. grrrrr.
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Much better showing in the 2nd game
Day 2:
Aussies had a mixed day, firstly our batsman built a powerful 180 run lead and then squandered that lead with bowling that lacked penetration, on what must be said is now a batting paradise. Poms still behind at stumps tho only two down.
Day 3:
After letting England get away in the first session the Aussie bowlers pulled things back in the second to leave us with 186 to win the match and tie the series. The young Aussies must keep their minds on the task and not be tempted to get these runs by stumps as they have a full day still to score them.

Day 4:
Aussie boys made the 54 needed in a canter this morning to win by seven wickets. Best for us were batsmen Hugh Weibgen, Ethan Jamieson, Joel Davies and quicks Callum Vidler, Will Salzmann and Charlie Anderson.

Skipper Joel Davies named MOM for his 84 and 2-29.
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