Nick Riewoldt = Judas

Oct 13, 2017
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Heard Nick Riewoldt's comments on the drugs policy.

My question is, did he feel that same way when he was a player, or it is since he joined the media he forgot where he came from and is now getting paid to tip the bucket on the game that made him famous.

Don't they see that the footy media is the enemy. Most footy journos only exist to make the game look bad, and point out all its flaws, and none of its good qualities. They don't care about players, coaches or clubs, only selling papers and winning Walkleys.

When a player joins the media, they should bring a different and fresh perspective to the viewpoints. They played, so should see things differently from Caro, Robbo, Barrett, Whateley etc.

Yet people like Matthew Lloyd and Nick Riewoldt sell out everything they once believed once they join the media, just because they are now getting paid by a different master. He's a sell-out.

I want to know what Nick Riewoldt's ACTUAL opinions are, not just the ones he fashions due to the company he is keeping at the time. He should say what HE thinks, no matter what the AFL, clubs, players, coaches, St. Kilda or the footy media think.

I hope Nick is enjoying his thirty silver coins, and I wonder if when he greets a player next time, he will kiss them on the cheek, to let ASADA officials know which players are drug cheats, like Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans.

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