MRP NicNat Watch. Tribunal Edition

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 7, 2000
Victoria home of football
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West Coast
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Anyone who thought he would or should be suspended is a real smooth brain.

There was never a real chance. Even Chrisso has his limits.
We've had players suspended for playing within the rules.

NN for tackling someone smaller than him.
Gov because his opponent ran into a plastic chair.
Jetta for not sling tackling and even getting rewarded with a HTB.

Wouldn't put it past Chrisso to suspend NN for injuring Merrett's hand with his hair.


All Australian
Sep 8, 2010
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
New York Rangers, Charlotte Hornets
The panel on fox footy last night (Lyon, Brown etc.) echoed the same sentiments. Pretty much said that because NN has long hair, it's fair game. Lyon got on his high horse as usual saying that NN overreacted and that it was not on. They are on a mission to rub him out.
'Not a good look...'

Not a good look rooting your best mates missus Lyon you flog.

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Aug 11, 2011
Gone Hubbin'
AFL Club
West Coast
Did some research re: centre clearances for this week’s podcast (cheap plug, listen to the pod).

Centre clearance numbers this season.
With Nic: 14.7 centre clearances, won centre clearance count in 100% of games played.
Without Nic: 11.6 centre clearances, won centre clearance count in 36% of games played.

Balls In

Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
Ideally to maximise his explosiveness and power we continue to carefully restrict his minutes. Maximum of something like 60% and only exceed that if the game is going down to the wire. He is the Usain Bolt of AFL and there's no point racing him in the 800m.

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