Niners will win the Super Bowl

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Steven Gerrard

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May 27, 2012
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Port Adelaide
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Liverpool, Melbourn Victory, 49ers
Don't let the opening game fool you. And don't let the Super Bowl from the last campaign fool you either (we were robbed in that game mind you). The 49ers will win this Super Bowl. We have the best team, the best "19th" man and we have the aura of being the 49ers.

The Chiefs are a good team, but the sun is always going to shine on a dog's ass at least once. The 49ers however is an institution, we will always contend. We have some bad years (you can't win them all) but we are always able to draw on the traditions of Montana heroics to get us back up again. That's why we are the world's team. Screw America's team.


Sep 6, 2005
AFL Club
id say the dogs ass that got shined on was the 2019 Niners.

how dare you belittle the record breaking Chiefs of 2019 (all those huge comebacks), thats playoff mettle

and we will only be better and more refined, more aware, this season, and go back to back, while your rabble of a team will miss the playoffs no doubt.


Brownlow Medallist
Dec 8, 2013
The Norwegian Sky
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North Melbourne
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The niners aren’t an historically great organisation, they just happened upon a (1) great era. The early 80s to mid 90s run they had was the exception to the rule (the rule being a largely irrelevant franchise).

Basically like the Patriots.

I notice a lot of SF fans try to act as if they’re the Steelers, cowboys or packers. You’re not.

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