Coach NMFC Senior Coach - David Noble

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David Noble speaks
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    Sep 23, 2005
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    BB: We are delighted and excited to have someone of David's experience and ability. We were extremely impressed during the interview process with David's knowledge of the game and his ability to articulate the culture he wants to create at North Melbourne.

    DN: I'm delighted to be the 38th coach of the North Melbourne Football Club. I would like to thank my family who have been an enormous support for me. I would also like to thank every organisation that I have worked at to get to this opportunity.

    DN: I believe the North Melbourne Football Club's authenticity and value set will fit me perfectly.

    DN: To our fans, members and sponsors. I'm bloody excited. I can't wait to play in front of you, and for you to be excited to watch us play. There will be frustrations, but I believe there is great pride in watching people and players grow.

    DN: I've already been in contact with a number of players over the weekend, and I've been very impressed with their energy and demeanour.

    DN: The dynamic of the role of a coach has changed in the last five years, and I've seen that first hand. I've always harboured ambitions to coach, but I though that opportunity had passed. Life is about taking opportunities, and this is one I couldn't pass up.

    DN: Watching from a distance, I thought they were a club making some tough calls, but they were a group that knew the direction they wanted to take.

    DN: We've got to set a path for long-term success. We've got some young talent, and we are going to the draft this year. I think the list is in good shape, I really do.

    DN: I've reached out to Rhyce (Shaw) in a private conversation. I'd like to leave it at that.

    DN: It's been a fascinating journey for me. I can't wait to get back into the coaching chair. I want to make sure that the fellow coaches are delegated authority, and that the relationship with players is really strong.

    DN: The stick of our members this year was phenomenal. We want people to be excited and jump back on board.

    DN: I don't think it will take me too long to move back into the coaching cycle. I'm really looking forward to it.

    DN: Chris Fagan was a fantastic support for me. I spoke to him about the opportunity and he said with a big smile, "You absolutely have to go for it." We've coached against each other at many different levels, and now it will be at AFL level.

    DN: We have two coaching positions left. We are drawing a list up. We want to bring in some great experience and character.

    DN: I had a good chat to Jaidyn Stephenson, and I do see him in a midfield/wing role. I really like what he has to offer.

    BB: Every club wants to win a premiership. Time frames are hard to nail down, and we know we aren't going to get there immediately. But I don't think we should apologise for being ambitious.

    BA: Paul Roos is going to have a role going forward, and he will have an input in a lot of different areas.

    BR: I don't see my role changing at all with David's appointment. I'm looking to lean on David, as he's been in this seat for a number of years, but my job is to make sure he has the resources to be the best senior coach he can be.

    DN: I want to kick goals, I want to score. But I want to have a hard edge, and have a defence that will stand up in finals.

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