Preview Nominations for Match Preview/Face Offs threads for 2021 (6 more spots to be filled)

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Sep 7, 2005
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LA Rams, UCLA Bruins

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Apr 10, 2008
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Thanks for getting this going relapse. Work and life has been full on lately so have not been posting so much, but know heaps of passionate and 'eccentric' (just being diplomatic) Richmond supporters who no doubt I can get to write half the preview for me, even though I will have to edit much of it.

Put me down for Round 11 Richmond VS Adelaide (MCG)


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Jul 27, 2004
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I want the Grand Final.
For those that used to enjoy the Match Preview/Face-off threads written by your fellow forumers, well we have some good news....

WE'RE BRINGING THEM BACK** (**Hopefully !!!!)

This is where you come in, obviously we cant do it unless there's enough interest, so we're throwing it out there for nominations to write a Game Preview/Face Off thead for Season 2021.

We're hoping there will be enough interest that people will only need to write one, but if you're open to doing more then that would be a massive help.

So what do you need to do? Well I'll let Deaneus! explain that (I pinched this from one of his old posts!!!)

It's where YOU, the Poster, write a introduction to the game - who's playing, what's likely to happen, and pepper it with pictures, crazy anecdotes and observations, and all-round love and care to provide your fellow Adelaide posters with what is other wise called "web content".

What do they look like? Go to the search bar and type in "Face off" and click the Thread Titles only, and see for yourself. The only limit is your imagination!

In years gone by they were a massive success and having different people writing them each week helped keep them fresh and made them enjoyable to read. So hopefully they can return in 2021 !!!

If you're keen to contribute just nominate a game you'd like the cover

Round 1 Adelaide VS Geelong (Adelaide Oval) - BACCS
Round 2 Sydney VS Adelaide (SCG) - Drugs Are Bad Mackay
Round 3 Adelaide VS Gold Coast (Adelaide Oval) - Relapse
Round 4 North Melbourne VS Adelaide (Marvel) -Grey Crow
Round 5 Adelaide VS Fremantle (Adelaide Oval) - Coopers
Round 6 Hawthorn VS Adelaide (York Park, Launceston) - Grey Crow
Round 7 Adelaide VS GWS (Adelaide Oval) - Relapse
Round 8 Port VS Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) - NT Rabbit
Round 9 West Coast VS Adelaide (Optus Stadium) - Beartoo
Round 10 Adelaide VS Melbourne (Adelaide Oval) - Pilchard_Adams
Round 11 Richmond VS Adelaide (MCG) - Thylacinous
Round 12 Adelaide VS Collingwood (Adelaide Oval) - Drugs Are Bad Mackay
Round 13 St Kilda VS Adelaide (Cazaly Stadium, Cairns) - Grey Crow
Round 14 BYE
Round 15 Carlton VS Adelaide (Marvel) - Dogs105
Round 16 Adelaide VS Brisbane (AO) - Deaneus!
Round 17 Essendon VS Adelaide (Marvel)
Round 18 Adelaide VS West Coast (Adelaide Oval)
Round 19 Bulldogs VS Adelaide (Mars Stadium, Ballarat)
Round 20 Adelaide VS Hawthorn (Adelaide Oval)
Round 21 Adelaide VS Port (Adelaide Oval)
Round 22 Melbourne VS Adelaide (MCG)
Round 23 Adelaide VS North Melbourne (Adelaide Oval) - American Crow

Love from your friendly neighbourhood moderating team Deaneus! Drugs Are Bad Mackay? brucetiki relapse
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Aug 1, 2008
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Just checking in to see if you were still planning to do the Showdown Face off thread?
Sincerest apologies, been away on holiday all week, ran out of time to do it before I left and forgot to take a moment alone in the hotel room to type it out.

I even had a gimmick to use.
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