No Oppo Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 4

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May 17, 2004
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Sad seeing Roughy interviewed in the studio on ABC News Breakfast this morning in his Collingwood gear. I was rapt he was part of our drought-breaking flag side, reward for persistence (and a lifetime Bulldogs supporter). He and Hamling are amongst the few players in the past 50 years I still effectively consider Bulldogs even while playing at another club. Hawk and Wee Georgie too.

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Norm De Guerre

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Mar 27, 2004
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Western Bulldogs
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The Ned Guy quitting story smacks off a decision that was arrived at soon after the clubs inept list management practices came to light.

It would seem that they just kicked the announcement down the road so the club could save some face.

Expect much the same face saving exercise when the board comes out and says that they have utmost confidence in Nathan Buckley after they get beat by the norfs this week.
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