Oppo Camp Non Eagles AFL discussion thread III

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Jun 20, 2008
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Just national comp things.

Could you imagine the consternation and gnashing of teeth out of Melbourne if we were to have 7 games back to back at OS? Let alone having them in the lead up to finals.

I look forward to Caro’s Arrow at the unfairness of it all.

Gil, please tell me again why hosting the GF at the MCG until the end of time is good for a national comp.

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Jan 13, 2013
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Only 1 mark
I swear people are too busy watching their phones instead of the game these days and only look up when the commentators voice gets higher. So many people who are fans of other teams talk about Nic Nat and that he doesn't do enough around the ground and all he does is get ruck taps. All you have to do is watch the game for more than 5 minutes to notice all the contested work he does around stoppages and on the ball and how many times he knocks the ball out to our advantage, or bumps a player at exactly the right moment. It's like complaining that Ablett didn't get enough uncontested marks around the ground when he was in his prime, you don't want him out on his own getting cheap marks around the ground because that means he's not in at the coal face doing the hard work.


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Oct 27, 2006
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The Mongrel Punt summed it up best

Ah Nic Nat… what average stats you have.
All the better to lull in stupid casual fans and then beat them over the head with the impact he has with those limited touches.
How so? Well, Naitanui had 23 hit outs for the game. He was around the mark with the other rucks – Hickey (24), Sandilands (18) and Lobb (13) but this man does something no one else doe sin the ruck. He pushes the ball, pack and play forward like he is possesses some weird wall of force that captures all around him and moves them in the direction of his goals.
We’re all Star wars fans to some extent, right? You know what a tractor beam is, I’m guessing? That’s how I think players must feel when Nic Nat is out there. He just draws things to him and that pull is irresistible.
He had six clearances of his own today as he took the ball from the contest and made things happen.
And you wanna know what the scariest part is? He was one of the most influential players in the game whilst racking up a measly little 52% game time. Yep, he sat out almost half the game. The man is a force of nature.
When he's:
-Appearing in the best players list
-Attracting coaches votes
-Attracting votes in other various media competitions
-Appearing in teams of the week
-Has the larger footy media waxing lyrical about just how well he impacted the contest

People might need to reconsider their stance of only looking at his mark tally to gauge his impact on a game
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