Oppo Camp Non-Eagles Discussion

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Club Legend
Aug 23, 2022
AFL Club
West Coast
So much to look forward to….Two months of the Pies are so good and why the Eagles will trade pick one from the Vic media.

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Premium Platinum
Jun 18, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Scorchers
Was it the same.flog ump.that paid the 50m to collingwood and that bs advantage
Would be interesting to know because you don't have four first timers umpire grand finals. They'd know how loud it is out there and what players are likely to hear. Same with the pressure level in regard to the deliberate free paid in the first quarter.

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 23, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
Close game but disappointing result. Brisbane just didnt really turn up, kept expecting that late surge but it never came. Collingwood more deserving in the end. Ah well, we were on the same position in 2018, but still a bit of a bummer. Whatever.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
Collingwood more composed in the last quarter. Deserved to win but somehow still needed the umpires to screw up an advantage free kick call to get them over the line.

Ilkka Sinisalo

Club Legend
Apr 19, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Billy Frampton is going to be a premiership player after this performance.

Let that sink in.

That inclusion would have been second guessed ad nauseum if they had narrowly lost. Has to be one of the worst players to ever win a premiership and one of the worst performances by a premiership player.

I don’t know how you can play an entire match (at 82% game time!!!) and only touch the ball twice. You would think that the ball would just accidentally come near him a few times. Maybe he was purposely running away from it.

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