Opposition Camp Non Geelong football (AFL) discussion 2019 pt 2

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Goggin Our Best

Premiership Player
May 23, 2011
AFL Club
Footscray and StKilda are being talked up for next year - gunna make the 8 - or even the top 4 - wow

No i would be laying both of them to miss the 8 - Dogs where a mile off it in that final against GWS - absolutely belted the inside 50 count and Saints havent done anything for 6-7 years - i think they will dissappoint again - in that aluminium boat drifting sideways - going no where yet again - Ratten will age 5 years next season

I think both Geel and Haw however are certanties for the 8 though . Hawks finished the season strong - 40pt flogging of West Coast - i think they will make a player out of Frost - got good pace

And Patton - i hope he does well ( had a terrible run with knee recos ) i liked him at GWS - i didnt think he had any ego - there was nothing put on about him at all . He is good overhead - got the talent - it will be interesting how he goes - given a free run without injuries

Spazz Cat

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 10, 2013
AFL Club
I have no idea why the saints are topping up considering they are nowhere near it

will miss the 8
Think it's cause they have a really good young Ruckman and don't wanna burn him out. Only reason i can think of. Makes sense.
Hill? Gotta spend most of your salary cap. (Dumb rule) so have to get someone.
Like North with Polec.


Spec Moderator
Jun 21, 2011
AFL Club
Is that fair dinkum ... ? no dark skinned players at North ..?
Seems they screwed up an early Photoshop job so then went with that option as bit of a joke - still good for a laugh

Not sure why they didn't do the same as Butler though - he's on holidays in Bali but appears he took a St Kilda guernsey with him & after the trade went thru he got someone to take a photo of him wearing his news colours

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