Oppo Camp Non Geelong football (AFL) discussion 2021

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David the Cat

Dec 7, 2009
AFL Club
Oh what a shame. You are over it are you?
Beyond frustrated are you?

Take a good hard look at yourself
and now think of the rest of the world who are still wearing face masks and losing friends or loved ones from this disease.
You are cracking the sads because someone you know can't attend a sporting event!

Australia is one of the few countries who managed this epidemic well. Our economy may never be the same again for it but look at what this new strain of the covid is doing to countries right now. We should be thankful we can even allow 25k-50k into sporting events.
It's a move that had to be made by WA government.
I thought you promised the Mod team that you would put Art Vandelay_ on ignore....???? In fact, you made that undertaking to avoid sanction after dazbroncos had earlier hit you with a 5 point infraction

So much for vacuous promises.

.....put him on ignore right now and keep him there. There will be no more warnings.

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Spazz Cat

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 10, 2013
AFL Club
Has to be to do with Sat night.
They shouldn't have a coach anyway. Read the rule book and go and umpire to the rules.

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Premiership Player
Jan 31, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Stockport County, Chicago Cubs
Hope this doesn't get too much airplay. Nothing surer than that they will get us if the stories of Buckley's demise after our match are already being written before the game.

We've already lost to Adelaide and fallen over the line against Hawthorn (at the MCG) so far this season. Both of whom are now in the bottom 6. So a match against Collingwood at the 'G is no certainty in my view.


Jun 21, 2011
AFL Club
That’s awesome.

can we name the 5 coach careers we ended.

first was the Melbourne coach after the 2011 186 point smashing.
2002, Rnd 12: Geelong def Syd 101 to 99 at the SCG; Rodney Eade "departs" and is replaced by Paul Roos

2011, Rnd 19: Geelong def Melb 233 to 47; Dean Bailey "departs" and is replaced by Todd Viney

2015, Rnd 9: Geelong def Carlton 140 to 63; Mick Malthouse "departs" and is replaced by John Barker

those are the only ones I can confirm, so not sure on the other 2 are

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