Oppo Camp Non Geelong football (AFL) discussion 2021

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Turkey Tom

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Oct 1, 2003
next Tuesday
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Turned it on for the last 10 minutes...Hame (inane), Darce (boring) and Jobe (boring and a drug cheat). What a combination. lol Glad I didn't have to put up with them for longer.

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Jun 30, 2018
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Gold Coast was second on the ladder after round 4 last year, they finished the season 14th. I suggest caution on Sydney at the moment, the season is a marathon, not a sprint.
Gold Coast are a pathetic club. No culture and barely have two or three elite footballers.
Swans have a whole batch of A graders and then a good mix of B graders who are all young and developing.

The only way Sydney fall into a heap from here, is injuries. Franklin should be rested next game given they are now sitting on top of the ladder at 4-0.
Not worth the risk.
Heeney will miss a few with a busted finger too.

They beat the next two teams (Gold Coast & GWS), they are certainties for finals.


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Mar 10, 2016
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They beat the next two teams (Gold Coast & GWS), they are certainties for finals.
So their next games are Giants, Suns then Us. That's good. They should romp it in against those two clubs, and then we can be their reality check. Genuine 50/50 game, but we'll make it a slog and we'll tire their kids.

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Jun 21, 2011
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Last year Shuey did both hamstrings in the same match, and not sure if he required surgery on either or both of them at that time

And this latest hamstring injury was occurred in his first match back from a hamstring injury - twice injured in his calf during the preseason, then injured his hamstring in the lead up to round 1, returned for round 3 and injured his hamstring again but this time he needs surgery

The guy just can't get a break the last 18 months or so

Wonder if our club looked at this, then looked at Cameron and decided "if an extra 1 or 2 weeks on the sidelines now means he's ok for the rest of the season, that's preferential to bringing him back too early and something going wrong again"


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Jan 31, 2008
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Stockport County, Chicago Cubs
Caddy omitted. Guess he’ll finally get the midfield time he was after. :D
Did laugh at this. And was then reminded of his two premiership medals. :(

Still, I'm totally satisfied that we were right to move him on when we did. Wouldn't have been a key difference-maker for us over recent seasons. And Parf will be a very long-term contributor to our team in a way that Caddy could never have managed with the hoops. As a half-forward type, he fitted the 'ultimate mugby' game style like a glove. And reaped the benefits accordingly.


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Nov 12, 2015
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To be clear, I think the trade was win-win. We offloaded his salary and got Parfitt and Richmond got a dual premiership player who was excellent in one of the years.
Yeah that would have happened no matter what though, not like Caddy had much impact at that club.
Win - break even perhaps, we win cos we got Parfitt, break even cos they got a handy player for 1 season.
I mean win for Caddy, he doesn't win 2 flags if he stayed at the Cats.

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