Non-Influencial 'Gun' Players

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Oct 3, 2012
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You know those guys.

The Joel Bowden's of the world.

The dudes that are stars 'cause they always get the nut and their stats look awesome - but if you have a clue and are capable of assessing the game on what you see, rather than what the scrote commentators tell you, youbut realise that they actually don't do that much harm. They're actually pretty ineffective.

Seb Ross.
Andrew Gaff.

Who else?
excuse me


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Jul 15, 2012
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Brisbane Lions
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There are other teams?
I doubt that Port fans actually have buyer’s remorse taking Rockliff because he is doing exactly what he has always done. I would also doubt if they thought they were getting an absolute gun. None of this can be coming as a surprise. He is and always has been an accumulator who will sometimes get a quarter of his possessions in the last ten minutes of a game. He isn’t fast or explosive and he isn’t big, isn’t elusive. He is what he is - a very good ordinary player who knows where to be to get the ball and dispose of it with varying degrees of accuracy and creativity. I don’t think he will be much more than that.

In fact his best skill might be as a small contested mark inside forward 50 where he can use his football brain quite well. He is surprisingly difficult to defend against one-on-one inside 50. But he can’t do much else up forward at an A grade level away from the contest, because of his athletic averageness.

Good luck to him though. He has carved out a decent career coming from a pre season draft and a club that was in the doldrums nearly the whole time he was here. I think Rockliff is giving Port exactly what it says on the tin.


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May 5, 2006
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As mentioned, any of those midfield/half-back unaccountable accumulators - Hunter, Gaff, Docherty, Lloyd, Laird etc
Not sure why people lump wingmen in with half backs.

Gaff isn't flashy but he's effective. Gets possessions all over the ground and rarely wastes the ball. Will still be running hard after 5 minutes or 75.

Hurn, Sheppard, Duggan, Jetta get more sideways kicks in the defensive 50 as we like to move the ball side to side to start attacks. I don't mind this because those guys are good kicks and pick options up the ground when they are on. Lloyd just seems to get 30 touches a week without doing much else.
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