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Sep 24, 2009
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Spotless Stadium has a capacity of 24,000. GWS has a membership base of 30,108 this year, 44,373 for the Bulldogs.

It's an elimination final... and there's that many empty seats in the second tier? Pathetic.
I feel sorry for the Doggy supporters that parted with their hard-earned readies for the elimination that were left stuck at the airports in Melbourne...Some fans were still turning up at the game at 3/4 time...For some, those later flights would have got them there after the game..

"As high winds reduce Sydney Airport operations to just one runway, flights have been cancelled and delayed, causing chaos and panic among Doggies supporters who have been grounded in Melbourne.

Scores of passionate Bulldogs fans trying to make it to Sydney to cheer on their team in the elimination final against the GWS Giants have been grounded at Melbourne Airport. "

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jason pm

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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I’m not sure if any club should be throwing stones given we’re likely to go out in straight sets ourselves.
No problemo D12, my post was an attempt at some subtle humor, I apologize for any offence taken by our Bulldog AFL cousins or you for tempting the footy gods.

BTW if we go out in straight sets I will still be delighted with our overall season, the loss last night will be seen in the future as a great developmental tool, the Tigers have been the best side in the AFL over the last 3 seasons, sometimes you just have to stand back and applaud the opposition and admit they were too good for you, no shame to be beaten by the Tigers at this stage in our evolution as a footy side.

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