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Apr 18, 2005
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I don’t get it. I’ve been here just recently (for a wedding) and I don’t understand the attraction. It’s grossly overrated. It’s a commercialised hot spot attracting rich and wealthy Melbourne and Sydney types who want all the conveniences of a sanitised clean holiday. There’s nothing holiday about it when you walk down the main drag to see a Gazman store, Just Jeans, and various other retail outlets that would occupy space at Chadstone or your local shopping precinct.

Talking to locals earlier, they all say that it’s money from the south invested up here to exploit the commercial aspect, to look after the southern tourists. But why would you want to go on holiday and see the same thing as home? It’s expensive, busy, snooty, and literally a hang out for Melbourne and Sydney people who want to go on holiday to see the same people!

The beaches aren’t bad, but again, packed with restaurant fronts looking out on to them. In my opinion that doesn’t serve as a holiday, it’s just transferring a heap of wealthy types up north and giving them a beach and the same same.

Anyone else got other experiences like this in QLD or any other state?

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