2nds North Adelaide vs Port Adelaide - Round 12 @ Prospect

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Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Channel 7 games actually suck, can't watch 'em.
The camerawork is significantly better today, they don't just leave it zoomed out like the digipass games do.

Anyone else have sanfl digi pass down? It didn’t work last time I tried it either
I'm watching via 7plus today, I don't think digipass is showing our game.

Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
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Port Adelaide
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Port Adelaide Magpies
The umpiring in this game is the usual garbage. North players again and again pull the ball in, lie on it and the umpire won't call holding the ball.

Meanwhile a North player dives into McEntee's legs and gets a free for a high tackle.

Still, we look a lot more engaged this week and applying pressure all over the ground.

McEntee starting to show why Port were so interested.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 12, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Schadenfreude, Miami Heat
Frederick is the AFL sub, Ladhams, Mayes and Woodcock are playing.

Weidemann drops out with a chest injury, Samblich drops out with a knee.
I was just thinking about this... What happens if we have a late out?

Frederick would presumably come into the 22 but we'd then either have no medical sub, or someone playing in the SANFL at the moment would have to get to Adelaide Oval pretty quickly.

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