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Uber Roo

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Jun 20, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Bet your snacks cost $26

Anywho does it match the hype?
I ate a magnificent pasta across the road, so no need for snacks
Very Good movie
Admittedly I was tired but it seemed
45 minutes too long
Moved very slowly in parts, but worth it for the brilliant acting / portrayal of characters
But don’t expect goodfellas/ casino if that’s your thing
I’ll watch it again on Netflix , more relaxed and hopefully changes some perspective of my minor criticisms

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Mar 14, 2002
Gasometer Wing
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as the first but still good fun.

I'm in the middle of the Dublin Murders on BBC. It's been a cracker so far.
Finished Dublin Murders
I thought it was great
The whole Lexi storyline was a waste of time when the Woods Story was more interesting
Great leads, any hint at a second series


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May 4, 2009
North Melbourne
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North Melbourne
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Indianapolis Colts
Just watched ep 1 of 8 of The Witcher, being a big fan of the games, thought it was really pretty good, Henry Cavill perfectly cast as Geralt of Rivia, now i'm gunna have to binge the rest.

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