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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
If you can't laugh at yourself you might not like some of these but for example...

North supporter gets into car says "Tassie please."

Driver says "Let's not go there just yet."
North supporter gets into car with money taped all over him.

Driver says. "Still cash strapped hey."
North jumper gets in, driver says something about crowd numbers.

Anyway... I'll see myself out.

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May 4, 2009
North Melbourne
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North Melbourne
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Indianapolis Colts
As i don't mind subtitles, just finished rewatching 4 seasons of Braquo, French cop show, a solid 8.5/10, have a couple of seasons of an Israeli one called Faudo, which I was highly recommended, but just in the process of getting S3 of Ozark, which goes to top of list, and heard S3 of Killing Eve will be out April 12, so not all doom and gloom on things to watch while in social isolation.

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