Strategy North Melbourne Coaching Changes 2020 & Beyond

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Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Arsenal, Chicago Bulls
I read somewhere where Brad agreed to take this years pay over 2 years (2020 & 2021).
Yeah that was correct. There's a recent article that states he has been paid out.


The Roos are in a financial position to settle Rhyce Shaw’s contract and pay an experienced replacement but will do so with sensitivity.

The club must now consider the delicate process of working to replace Shaw, ideally by the AFL trade period, without having had much meaningful contact with him in recent weeks.

It means the club is not fully aware of his progress after time away from the club.

Shaw has a contract for next season and then a clause for 2022 that involves both him and the club negotiating for that season if results had gone his way.

The Roos could negotiate a settlement with Shaw on his 2021 deal but it is not known how much of that contract would go into next year’s football department cap.

The club is still paying former senior coach Brad Scott’s wage this season and had agreed with him to spread that payment out until the 2021 season.

But it was confirmed last night its financial obligations to Scott, which were reduced when he took up an AFL position, would be paid out in the 2020 football year.

The Roos, which will remarkably declare an eighth straight profit despite the COVID crisis, are believed to be extremely comfortable with the amount they will pay to move on staff.

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Only Forwards

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
When's simmo out of contract, next year? fu** it get choco/roos to come in for 12 months and then bring him home
IMO this is deeply flawed logic.

I will state I would love nothing more for Simmo to be the North Melbourne Coach. He's understands us as a club, our history and who we are.

We should go for a coach right now that buys into us and where we are going.

Trying to get a coach for a couple of years while a situation may present itself for Simmo to come back is nuts.

Assemble a selection group. Create specifC criteria you want the coach to fulfil and appoint the person who most closely fits what we are after. From there we build and if at some point something romantic happens and Adam Simpson comes back. But let's not base this huge decision around something that may possibly one day happen.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
My understanding was that he was happy to take the agreed payout over 3 years. Probably helped his tax bill and certainly helped the club. Can’t knock him for that.
Depends a bit on the size of the payout I would have thought. But yes, agreeing to take it over 3 years would be a boon to us any way you look at it.


Premium Platinum
Sep 13, 2011
Independent Republic of Perth
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North Melbourne
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agree, unless there’s a ready made afl coach like clarko or simmo. I’d prefer a successful coach from sanfl or wafl, and/or u18 who’s been around a while (40s?) Perhaps Vfl too. Recall Brady having a good relationship with sumich. Strong enough and with enough self belief to see off the media circus, stay the course, build the list and have faith in developing the kids.
FYI Dingrel, Sumich may be available but still wouldn’t expect him to be in the running

Peter Sumich, who confirmed today that he would have been interested in the position had Claremont sought him but was not prepared to go through a recruitment process, identified the expectations on the new coach.

“The absolute minimum requirement would be making the preliminary final and I’m pretty sure Claremont wouldn’t be happy with just that,” Sumich said.

“They need an experienced coach to handle their young list but they will be in contention for the next few years and could be the next Subiaco.”


Premiership Player
Jul 27, 2006
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Apologise if this has already been mentioned, but J Schofield did a runner on us in the early 2000's when his old man rang Dean Laidley and warned him off drafting his son in a pre-season draft. Would be quite ironic if he went on to coach us.

Remember this! We had pick 4 or something and freo had 6


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 11, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I can't see that happening if as I believe we've signed Roos. Williams does rate our youngsters though. I don't think Lyon would be any good for us at all.
l also believe we don't want him.
Weve already signed Roos? I thought we were going to go through the normal process this time? Jumping the gun?

Does anyone know what he’s been doing lately anyways? He’s been out of touch with footy for a long time (correct me if I’m wrong).

I agree, we should be going for experience but someone that is in touch with the current game. I’d even rather Voss at this point...

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