Toast North Melbourne Debt free

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I'm here for the buffet
Apr 9, 2008
The Ponderosa
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Hammers & Steelers
This off season has seen us stamp ourselves on the AFL landscape again after 20 years of obscurity. I loved how the club invited Dani and wrapped their collective arms around her. Big moment not only for us but the AFL.

A lot of clubs talk the talk on social inclusion and behaviour but fail to walk the walk like us. This on top of our recruiting, Roos' resigning, Puma as new apparel sponsor and the debt reduction has been an unbelievable fortnight for rhe club. Very proud member. I feel the momentum shifting for us. Can't wait for round 1.

Go Roos....


Norm Smith Medallist
May 7, 2012
Bird Rock
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Very proud day. I don’t think I can say anything more then what’s been already said. So proud to be a member, life long supporter & nuff of this club.

As others have said, we have ticked off a lot of really positive boxes off-field in the last couple months. However one of the things that goes a little unnoticed but is very wise, is the fact we really seem to be promoting our inner city suburban roots. Look no further then the Puma announcement videos.

I’ve had multiple friends who support other clubs comment really positively that we aren’t trying to be a big club, we are being ourselves.

It’s a shame Fitzroy was killed off (they’d have also had this), however that inner city suburban vibe is something that we can really isolate as ours.

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Forever North

Club Legend
Apr 24, 2011
Greek Islands
AFL Club
North Melbourne
We kind of stuck the middle finger up to the AFL and the doomsayers today. The poor old Roos line was getting boring and tiresome. Being debt free is a very good launching pad for no.5. Also good to see Laids doing well and all past coaches, players and administrators at the club today. Some really good press over the past week.

Kanga Glory

Premium Platinum
Nov 1, 2010
arden st
AFL Club
North Melbourne
White knight Peter Scanlon knew relocating to Gold Coast would kill Roos
NORTH Melbourne had no choice but to fight an AFL-led push to relocate it to the Gold Coast in late 2007 because it would have represented “the end of the Shinboners”, according to one of the men who helped save the club.

On the day that the Kangaroos announced they were debt-free for the first time since 1987, leading benefactor Peter Scanlon said key powerbrokers realised a move north would signify the end of their club.

The businessman and philanthropist, who has contributed at least $10m to the club over the years, said on Friday the club had been prepared to go down swinging to stay alive.

“It was clear to James (Brayshaw), Ron Joseph, myself and others that although it was financially attractive, moving to the Gold Coast was the end of the Shinboners,” he said.

“The decision the guys made was, ‘We would rather try and fail (to keep it alive) than give up’.”

The Kangaroos rejected the AFL’s godfather offer to move to the Gold Coast 14 years ago and although the club’s debt bloated out to as much as $9m a few years later, it now has no debt and money in the bank.

Scanlon couldn’t be more proud of those who fought the battle.

“I think if I was to be so bold as to speak on behalf of the members, I want to thank the people who did all the work (to get the club out of debt) – James (Brayshaw), Ben (Buckley), Eugene (Arocca), Carl (Dilena) and now Ben (Amarfio), and so many others who helped,” Scanlon said.

“This club was not only under financial duress, it had no facilities, it had lost contact with the community because it didn’t have the resources … and look at us now. We have no debt, a wonderful board and management and in my view the best community in the AFL.”

Ex-president Brayshaw said North Melbourne Football Club would almost certainly not have survived without the generosity of Scanlon and other club benefactors, while one of the club’s former CEOs Arocca said Scanlon deserved his own statue.

The man himself typically played down his role, saying he was simply one of thousands of members who loved their footy club.

Buckley said the club’s debt-free status represented a landmark day in the club’s 152-year history.

“It basically takes an anchor out of the boat,” he said.

“We don’t have to be burdened by the annual cost of debt repayments. It allows us to start the season next year on a level playing field. It also gives our members confidence, our supporters confidence and our players and staff confidence.”

Buckley said the club was keen to keep playing four home games a season in Tasmania, but would also support that state’s quest for a new stand-alone AFL team.

“We have always said that Arden St is our home and will always be our home,” he said. “We will be here for the next 150 years. We support Tasmania’s aspirations to have a team of its own and if we can play a role to make that happen in the next five or 10 years, we would love to.”

Chief executive Amarfio said the club’s 2021 profit of $453,189 allowed the Roos to finally tick off their debt, which had reached its peak of $9m in 2012.

“I want to acknowledge that more than a decade of hard work and careful management has contributed to this significant result,” Amarfio said.

“We want to thank our fiercely supportive members, match committee and Shinboner coterie members, patrons, benefactors and our loyal sponsors ... who have all made significant contributions in supporting our club for several years.” m e

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