Podcast North Melbourne vs Richmond Podcast - ft Snake Baker & Captain Blood17

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Feb 4, 2006
AFL Club
Hi guys,

Pardon the intrusion.

Tonight we recorded this weeks podcast, your very own Snake_Baker was kind enough to join myself and captain blood 17 to discuss a range of topics as well as preview our big game this Friday night.

**It's a pretty balanced show, naturally there is some Richmond talk but there is also lots of North related stuff too, so don't think that it is all one way traffic etc :)

Hope you enjoy and good luck this week!

On tonights episode:

-Briefly touched on the Ablett suspension
-Spoke about the Mid Season draft
-Snake took the floor to give his views on the Brad Scott saga and how it looks for North going forward
-Reviewed our Round 10 games quickly
-Talked about the big game this Friday night!

It was interesting to hear Snake talk about Brad Scott from a supporters perspective instead of the medias viewpoint, its a situation we can obviously relate to well.

Huge thanks to Snake Baker for coming onto the show this week!

You can listen on the link below:


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