North Network 2020 - is this any value?


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Aug 21, 2018
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North Melbourne

Looks to be pretty standard kind of lameo corporate stuff to me.

But does anyone do it - do they get anything out of it?

IMO there's growth for us here in these 'spaces" if done right.

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The Y Factor

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Sep 28, 2005
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Having a close look, this is actually very good value for money for the right person.

It's not for the average punter but if you have service or business you want to grow and develop it would be a cheap way to put the tentacles out there.

For a young business owner without much experience putting yourself out there, this would be a very cheap training and education experience and much more fun.

The GF breakfast tickets and GA tickets alone for customers or stakeholder engagement make it good value.

I'm not a small/medium business owner but if I was, i'd certainly be looking at it.

This type of thing can be very expensive if you pay for breakfasts and similar events.

Secondary to all that - for the club its a great way to connect with business to have access to all manner of business and networks within the community and probably has some membership flow-on.

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