Game Day North v Carlton

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The Other Dean

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May 29, 2006
El Ek-Triq, Qatar
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Wow, guys, don't all rush at the Game Day OP job at once.

No surprise there. This place has been like Kalaupapa the last few weeks. People falling apart left, right, and centre.

M'eh, I'm happy to take one for the team. (No Zondor.) Shinboners never say die, yada yada yada.

So on we fight.....

Cop that, Teague.

(You'll also note that Simpson was in no great hurry to come to his aid either. Looks like Dave may have lost the players already.)

Either way, I have a very good feeling about this game. North has been battling the blues for weeks now, so we should be well and truly primed for this.

North (and me) by 7 Valium.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 4, 2013
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North Melbourne
We've been sh*t but all of a sudden we have some VERY good ins. Between the 4 of them we add considerable midfield ability (and rotations), physical aggression, and marking power (as well as the structural benefit that comes from that). At least two of those ins are probably going to be a bit under done, so it almost definitely won't revolutionize the team, but it's 100% a step in the right direction.

Looking forward to a few things, even if I'm expecting a bad end result: Ben McKay (hopefully with a confidence boost after last week), Higgins potentially across half back again, Larkey charging up the lines demanding respect and freeing Brown a bit, Zurharr and Anderson crashing and bashing, and hopefully a much more physically exceptional LDU working in the guts with Simpkin.

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첫 번째 남자 대 남자
May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
At least we know if Carlton win they'll lose next week.

Hope the " pride of Souf Orztraliaaa " can get up. That would give me a larf and time in the symphony fred 👍

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King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
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St Johnstone
Best ins we've had all year.

It'd be funny to beat Carlton given the smoke being blown up their arse and the rabble we've become.

Maybe we win,maybe we lose.

No injuries, be competitive, look like we have some sort of method about us.

God the bar is low.
So look like we have a plan and hang tough in a game against Carlton?

Just clarifying.
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